Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets

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Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets

Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets

This multi-author book covers the application of shariah thought to insurance, investments and capital markets with insights on regulation and compliance.

It looks at the application of Sharia law to the world of banking and finance and the differences between Islamic and Western finance and covers regulatory issues from the role of the Sharia board to reporting financial risk to legal bodies. It provides a practical and in-depth analysis of the financial instruments within the Sharia framework and how they are applied in various sectors including insurance, investment and capital markets.

Over 15 practical step-by-step checklists look at business ethics in Islamic Finance, The Role of the Shariah Advisory Board in Islamic Finance and Regulatory and Capital Issues under Shariah Law. Gives an overview of the main countries practising shariah law and looks at economy & trade, economic policy & performance over 12 months, statistics, support for inward investment and tax exemptions.

Written by internationally renowned Islamic finance academics and practitioners who are recognized leaders in their fields including John A. Sandwick, Amjid Ali, Roszaini Haniffa, M. Kabir Hassan, Andreas Jobst, Qudeer Latif, and Rodney Wilson.

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