Solicitors' Negligence and Liability, 3rd edition

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    William Flenley QC, Tom Leech QC
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    December 2012
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Solicitors' Negligence and Liability, 3rd edition

William Flenley QC and Tom Leech QC

'…it is of enormous value to have a book which covers such [complex] challenges as well as providing a complete guide to all aspects of solicitors’ negligence, especially if it deals with the topic in a full, reliable, comprehensive, and up-to-date manner…This second edition of Flenley and Leech, which already has the benefit of a solid reputation thanks to the previous edition, satisfies [these] requirements…'  The Rt Hon Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, January 2008, From the foreword to the second edition

'A book which everyone practising in the field should consider acquiring.'  Journal of Professional Negligence

'Solicitors’ Negligence and Liability is superbly written and provides both a clear and authoritative account of this area of law. The principles are well explained and include (where appropriate) detailed footnotes allowing the reader to undertake further research. The authors also wonderfully combine commentary with extracts from the key cases…For anyone practising in this area of law, they should not be without a copy of Solicitors’ Negligence and Liability.'  Student Law Journal

The new edition of this popular title provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of solicitors’ negligence, liability in equity and wasted costs. Written by practitioners for practitioners, it deals with a variety of topics, from general principles to specific situations, and is a handy and practical guide to the procedural aspects of bringing and defending a claim for solicitors’ negligence.

The new third edition includes important coverage of insurance issues, regulatory issues, disciplinary regulation of solicitors, coverage of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority’s new code of conduct governing the profession and the introduction of the new role of Compliance Officer for Legal Practice, a new requirement for all solicitor firms.


Chapter 1 The solicitor’s duties in contract and tort;
Chapter 2 Breach of duty;
Chapter 3 Causation and quantum of damages in contract and tort;
Chapter 4 Claims in equity;
Chapter 5 Authority, vicarious liability and undertakings;
Chapter 6 Solicitors’ duties of confidentiality;
Chapter 7 Limitation;
Chapter 8 Contributory negligence and contribution;
Chapter 9 Conveyancing;
Chapter 10 Lenders’ claims;
Chapter 11 Wills, estates and trusts;
Chapter 12 Litigation;
Chapter 13 Costs orders against solicitors;
Chapter 14 Disclosure and privilege;
Chapter 15 The regulatory framework for solicitors;
Chapter 16 Misconduct, investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

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Publication Date: Dec-12
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