The Law of Companies, 3rd edition

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    Thomas B. Courtney
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    October 2012
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The Law of Companies, 3rd edition

The Law of Companies, 3rd edition

Thomas B. Courtney

"An essential book for anyone whose business it is to know and to implement or operate Irish company law…The third edition…hardly needs any recommendation from me in order to succeed to its rightful position as one of Ireland’s leading legal textbooks. It will sell itself to a wide variety of readers across the professions, academe and the business world."  Michael McDowell SC, Irish Times, November 2012

"Like the previous editions, this is beautifully put together. As well as being thoroughly and rigorously researched, it is clear, articulate and practical. I commend it as the definitive textbook on Irish company law and unreservedly recommend it as essential for every solicitor’s library."  Law Society of Ireland’s Gazette, February 2013

The structure of the third edition of this highly regarded title mirrors the forthcoming Companies (Amendment) Bill, which will hold significant changes for companies operating in Ireland. The work has been expanded and revised to account for changes in legislation and important case law.

The Law of Companies – now expanded to include a comprehensive treatment of PLCs, SEs, guarantee companies, unlimited companies, external companies and branches

Six New Chapters:

  • Strike Off and Restoration
  • Guarantee Companies
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Prospectus, Market abuse & Transparency Law
  • Conversion by re-registration
  • External Companies & Branches

    Dr Thomas B Courtney, B.A., LL.B., LL.D, Solicitor is a partner at Arthur Cox. He is also Chairman of the Company Law Review Group and Examiner in Company Law for Law Society’s Entrance Examination (FE1).

    G Brian Hutchinson, BCL, LLM, DAL, BL, Senior Lecturer & Director, Commercial Law Centre, School of Law, UCD
    Daibhi O’Leary, BComm, Associate, Arthur Cox


    The Private Company in Context; Incorporation by Registration; Constitutional Documentation; Incorporation and its Consequences; Disregarding Separate Legal Personality; Corporate Civil Litigation; Corporate Contracts, Capacity and Authority; Shares and Membership; Share Transfer; The Maintenance of Capital; Shareholders’ Remedies; Groups of Companies; Corporate Governance: Management by the Directors; Corporate Governance: Meetings; Duties of Directors and Other Officers; Statutory Regulation of Directors’ Transactions; Financial Statements, Audit and Annual Return; Corporate Borrowing: Debentures and Security; Corporate Borrowing: Registration of Charges; Corporate Borrowing: Receivers; Schemes of Arrangement and Reconstructions; Examinerships; Winding Up Companies; Liquidators; Realisation and Distribution of Assets in a Winding Up; Strike-Off and Restoration; Investigations and Inspectors; Compliance and Enforcement; Public Limited Companies and SEs; Guarantee Companies; Unlimited Companies; Prospectus, Market Abuse and Transparency Law; Conversion by Re-registration; External Companies and Branches.

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    Publication Date: Oct-12
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