Thornton's Legislative Drafting, 5th edition

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    Helen Xanthaki
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    June 2013
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Thornton's Legislative Drafting, 5th edition

Professor Helen Xanthaki

Cited in the March 2014 Office of Parliamentary Counsel: Drafting Guidance.

'This new edition is as much a delight as the previous editions, both by its inclusion of a wider variety of international examples and by its general additions; it significantly enhances the tradition of Thornton and will be warmly welcomed by the entire legislative drafting community in the English-speaking world.'  Statute Law Review

'Thornton’s Legislative Drafting, in this rendering by Professor Xanthaki, will continue for many years to be a principal player in galvanising good legislative drafting practice in the Commonwealth and beyond.'  The Loophole

'Thornton’s Legislative Drafting is probably the best-known book on the subject in the English-speaking world…An essential reference for those interested in legislative drafting.'  Law Institute Journal (Law Institute of Victoria, Australia)

Thornton's Legislative Drafting remains the leading professional title that legislative drafters internationally use for guidance when drafting new legislation or amending existing legislation.

The fifth edition retains the professional approach to drafting and the traditional system of drafting stages promoted in previous editions as well as providing examples from the Commonwealth.
New material for the fifth edition includes:

An introductory chapter to explain the philosophy of the new edition stressing that the approach remains the same but that the book has been updated;
A new chapter on comparative legislative drafting;
A new chapter on gender neutral drafting;
A new chapter on the implementation of international agreements;
A new chapter covering current debates, topics and developments in legislative drafting.

Helen Xanthaki is a Professor at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) and Academic Director of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at the IALS. Helen is a leading academic in the field of legislative drafting and has published extensively on the topic.

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ISBN: 978 1 78043 209 0
Publication Date: Jun-13
Format: Hardback
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1 Words
2 Syntax
3 Style
4 Specific matters of style
5 Miscellaneous words and expressions
6 Interpretation Acts
7 The drafting process: Part 1
8 The drafting process: Part 2
9 Formalities and arrangement
10 Preliminary provisions
11 Powers and duties
12 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 1
13 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 2
14 Substantive and administrative provisions: Part 3
15 Supplementary provisions
16 Penal provisions
17 Final provisions
18 Amending legislation
19 Subordinate legislation

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