Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law

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Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law

Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law

Managing Editors: Gina Clayton and Helena Wray

Production Editor: Kiran Goss.

Our editorial team is comprised of highly respected academics and practitioners: Jim Gillespie, Prakash Shah, Steve Peers, Dallal Stevens, Nathalia Berkowitz, Laurie Fransman, Elspeth Guild, Raza Husain, Ian MacDonald, Richard McKee, Werner Menski, Ella Rule, Sadat Sayeed, Duran Seddon, Ramnik Shah, Alison Harvey and Karen Sturtivant.

The official journal of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (» is a unique and highly regarded quarterly journal. Essential reading for anyone who needs to keep abreast of the numerous and significant developments in immigration law and practice, It contains high quality original articles as well as expert commentaries and practice notes, all of which are delivered in a clear and accessible format. It also reflects the increasingly important European and international dimension of immigration law, giving news and views from around the world.

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Contents from last 3 issues

Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law 27.4

  • The UK’s New Statelessness Determination Procedure in Context - Alison Harvey
  • Conducive Deprivation of British Citizenship Status and Statelessness: Further Problems - Eric Fripp
  • Standing in the Home Secretary’s Shoes? The Function of the Tribunal in Human Rights Cases - Judith Farbey QC
  • The Judgments of the Supreme Court in Alvi and Munir - Ronan Toal

    Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law 28.1

  • The Three Phases of Immigration Policy and the Family in the Post-War Period: What Has Been Driving Change? - Don Flynn
  • Resolving Dual and Multiple Nationality Disputes in a Globalised World - Rishi Gulati
  • The Dublin III Regulation: What will be Different? - Steve Peers

    Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law 28.2

  • How Children Become ‘Failed Asylum-Seekers’: Reflections on the Experiences of Young Unaccompanied Asylum-Seekers in Kent from 2006 to 2013, and How ‘Corrective Remedies’ Have Failed Them - Richard Warren and Sheona York
  • At the Borders of Sovereignty: Nationality and Immigration Policy in an Independent Scotland - Bernard Ryan
  • Bangladeshi ‘Undocumented Migrants’ (Refugees) in India: A Humanitarian Problem Requiring a Humanitarian Solution - Shuvro Prosun Sarker
  • Portuguese Nationality for those Connected to Goa - Ian Macdonald QC


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