Journal of Professional Negligence

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Journal of Professional Negligence

Journal of Professional Negligence

General Editors: Katherine Watt, barrister, Fountain Court Chambers and Colm McGrath, Researcher, Institute for European Tort Law, Vienna

This unique quarterly journal is the leading forum for commentary and analysis on all areas of professional negligence and professional indemnity, including liability, ethics and regulation. Cutting across all professions, with that term being interpreted broadly, it provides excellent coverage of the numerous and significant developments in this field.

Coverage includes wide-ranging commentary and analysis on:

  • the private law liability of professionals
  • the various regulatory and disciplinary contexts with which different professions operate
  • the concept of ‘professions’ from a socio-legal perspective
  • the wider social and ethical challenges to the work of the professions and the impact of those challenges within the relevant existing legal framework
  • general issues in the law of obligations which inform the legal context within which professionals operate.

    Comparative work on the Commonwealth
    In addition to focusing on developments in the law of England and Wales, the journal also includes comparative work on professional liability, ethics and regulation from the Commonwealth and beyond.

    This is an invaluable title for all practitioners and academics in this area.

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    Contents from last 3 issues

    Journal of Professional Negligence 29.3

  • Professional services and EU law - Tinne Heremans
  • Entity focused regulation of the legal sector - Iain Miller, Peter Steel, Ciara Brannigan
  • Liabilities and obligations: two different concepts? - Martin A Hogg

    Journal of Professional Negligence 29.4

  • Negligence and process - Hugh Evans
  • Mehjoo v Harben Barker and the duty to refer - Oliver Conolly

    Journal of Professional Negligence 30.1

  • Professional negligence in 2013: the year in review - Ben Patten QC
  • Judicial belief in statistics as fact: loss of chance in Ireland and England - Sarah Fulham-McQuillan  

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