Communications Law

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Communications Law

Communications Law - Journal of Computer, Media and Telecommunications Law

Consultant Editor: Howard Johnson.

Production Editor: Julian Harris.

Editorial team: Clive Davies, Brian Pillans, Brian Dowrick, Campbell Deane, and Paul Chamberlain and an editorial advisory board comprising well respected academics and practitioners.

Authoritative comment and analysis delivered to your desk 4 times a year

Communications Law is a well-respected quarterly journal covering the broad spectrum of legal issues arising in the telecoms, IT and media industries Each issue brings you 32 pages of opinion and discussion from the field of communications law. From issue 13.1 there will be a peer review system in progress and we would welcome any suitable articles.

Every issue you will benefit from:

• Editorial comment
• Coverage of pertinent UK and international issues
• Authoritative commentary and analysis
• First-hand experience in the field from a dedicated panel of industry experts

Make sure you are up-to-date with the legal issues affecting your company.

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Please contact Linda Murray if you require information on submitting articles:

Contents from last 3 issues

Communications Law 18.3

  • Public benefit or private loss – orphan works and the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 - Colin Davies and Tania Cheng
  • Liability and publication on the internet - Paul Lambert
  • International transfers of personal data and corporate compliance under Directive 95/46/EC, the draft Regulation and the international community – Part II - Dimitra Kamarinou

    Communications Law 19.1

  • Leveson’s vision for press reform: one year on - Paul Wragg
  • A defence of responsible tweeting - Paul Bernal
  • Amazon’s fan fiction store: opportunity or fandom-ination? The legal background to commercial and non-commercial creations from canon – Part II - Tamara Bukatz

    Communications Law 19.2

  • The problem which refuses to go away. Recent developments in the EU approach to media pluralism - Ewa Komorek
  • Reforming Communications Act appeals: a new ERRA? - Graham Read QC and John Townsend
  • Fair use not fair? Australian ‘Copyright and the Digital Economy’ report receives a cool response - Gary Lea
  • EU trade mark regulation 2014 - Rebecca Wong


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