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Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit

By: Marc Samuels
Media of Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit
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Published: 02-04-2021
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 304
ISBN: 9781526511966
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Series: Directors' Handbook Series
RRP: €107.91
Online price : €97.12
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About Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit

Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit helps business owners and directors to recognise key legal and compliance issues at an early stage, enriching the level of discourse between the business and its advisers. It provides an authoritative introductory text that charts the pivotal stages of the business lifecycle by reference to contracts frequently encountered in the course of trading.

Providing coverage of topics including the choice of business vehicle, marketing the business, manufacturing the product, loan finance, selling the product and e-commerce, Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit:

- Analyses the purpose and operation of commercial contracts that are part and parcel of everyday business, including:
o a general description of the function of contracts
o guidance on negotiation, drafting, and practical transactional issues
o narrative on applicable law, including key areas of legislation and regulation
- Includes precedents with clause-by-clause commentary, including a joint venture agreement, a manufacturing agreement, e-commerce website terms and conditions, and a social media influencer agreement – all precedents are available as electronic downloads
- Highlights common contractual pitfalls and areas of risk when incorporating and thereafter running a business with guidance on how to avoid them

This new title will appeal to commercial and finance directors and owners of small and medium-sized businesses, including entrepreneurs embarking on first-time ventures and their legal advisers. It will also assist accountants and other professionals involved in the operation of businesses in England and Wales.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
A. General
B. The Business Life-cycle
C. Update: Brexit; the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic
Chapter 2. Forming and Interpreting Commercial Contracts
A. Formation of Contracts
B. Interpretation of Contracts
Chapter 3. The Business Vehicle
A. Introduction
B. Forms of Business Vehicle
C. The Models Compared
D. Why Might an Entrepreneur Want to Form a Company?
E. Incorporating a Limited Company
F. The Joint Venture Agreement / Shareholders Agreement
Precedent 1 Joint Venture/Shareholders Agreement
Chapter 4. The Business Name
A. Introduction
B. Status of the Entity
C. Prohibitions on the Company Name
D. Passing Off
E. Changing the Company Name
Precedent 2 Board Minutes (Change of Company Name)
Chapter 5. Manufacturing the Product
A. Introduction
B. The Manufacturing Agreement
Precedent 3 Manufacturing Agreement
Chapter 6. Finance
A. Introduction
B. The Loan Agreement
Precedent 4 Loan Agreement
Chapter 7. Marketing the Product
A. Introduction
B. The Influencer Agreement
Precedent 5 Influencer Agreement
Chapter 8. Selling the Product
A. Introduction
B. General Terms and Conditions (Supply of Goods)
Precedent 6 General Terms and Conditions
Chapter 9. E-Commerce
A. Introduction
B. Website Terms and Conditions
C. Cookie and Privacy Policies
Precedent 7 Website Terms and Conditions
Precedent 8 Cookie Policy
Precedent 9 Privacy Policy
Chapter 10: Selling the Company
A. Introduction
B. Heads of Terms (Entire Issued Shared Capital)
Precedent 10 Heads of Terms

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