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Commercial Law

By: Michael Forde
Media of Commercial Law
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Published: 02-11-2020
Format: Hardback
Edition: 4th
Extent: 672
ISBN: 9781780436906
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 248 x 156 mm
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About Commercial Law

This comprehensively updated 4th edition of Michael Forde's Commercial Law will ensure practitioners can continue to turn to this book for the accurate and authoritative information they require. Its chapters cover the following topics and cross-refer to the principle works on each of the subjects listed in the Table of Contents.
· Michael Forde's Commercial Law has been an essential tool for law practitioners since it was first published in 1990. Now the widely updated 4th edition will ensure practitioners can continue to turn to this book for the accurate and authoritative information they require. The essential coverage includes consumer law initiatives based on EU Directives, plus significant commercial case law. It outlines the emergence of and variety in regulation regimes and deals with insolvency rules in Ireland as well as the credit union sector.

Since the last edition published in 2005 this title has been updated to include the vast amount of case law in Ireland and the EU as well as relevant case law in the UK and Canada. It also deals with the following legislation:

EC Services Regulations 2010 EC Late Payments in Commercial Transactions Regulations 2012 EU Payment Services Regulations 2018 EU Trade Secrets Regulations 2018 EU Trade Marks Regulations 2018 Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2019 Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 Competition (Amendment) Act 2012 Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 EU Action for Damages for Infringements of Competition Law Regulations 2017 EU Award of Public Authorities Contracts Regulations 2016 Arbitration Act 2010 Consumer Protection Act 2017 Consumer Insurance Contracts Act 2019

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Agency
Chapter 3: Sale of Goods
Chapter 4: Supply of Goods and Services
Chapter 5: Payment
Chapter 6: Security
Chapter 7: Insurance
Chapter 8: International Trade
Chapter 9: Intellectual Property
Chapter 10: Competition
Chapter 11: Regulated Industries
Chapter 12: State Commerce
Chapter 13: Arbitration
Chapter 14: Consumer Protection


“This book undertakes the huge task of explaining several vast areas of law, and it does so admirably and comprehensively. Taken literally, 'commercial law' would encompass all law that regulates those engaged in commerce. Dr Forde addresses this point in his introductory chapter, noting Prof Roy Goode's description of it as “the branch of law which is concerned with rights and duties arising from the supply of goods and services”. He puts the law in its historical, general, and European contexts, observing the evolution of codes of law, not only to define obligations of parties, but more often recently to redress inequalities of bargaining power.
The chapters that follow take us through the bodies of law that fall into this description, starting with agency, and then moving into the areas of sale of goods and supply of services. The interlocking areas of payment and security then follow. These are followed by insurance, international trade, intellectual property, competition, regulated industries, dealing with the State, arbitration, and concluding with consumer protection.
Given that there are books that drill more deeply into many of these individual areas (or indeed separate aspects of them), this book must, in some cases, necessarily provide more of an overview. But that is essential and most welcome for those who are not experts in these areas. What distinguishes many of these areas of law is the multiplicity of their sources: for example, the chapter on international trade, which will no doubt become even more complex post-Brexit, deals extensively with the matrix of treaties, law, conventions and practices that regulate this area of commerce.
Also deserving of special mention is the chapter on intellectual property, which provides an extensive analysis (and demystification) of the many interlocking rights that can subsist under this heading. Expansive in its scope and pleasing to read, we can be grateful to Dr Forde for this expert and timely publication, which will be an essential component of the solicitor's library.

” –  Paul Egan SC, Law Society Gazette

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