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50 Years of the European Treaties

Looking Back and Thinking Forward

Editor(s): Michael Dougan, Samantha Currie
Media of 50 Years of the European Treaties
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Published: 06-02-2009
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 438
ISBN: 9781847314918
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Essays in European Law
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Loren Epson

About 50 Years of the European Treaties

The essays which appear in this work are based on the papers presented at a two-day conference held in Liverpool in July 2007 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the EEC. The collection reflects critically upon some of the EU's historic characteristics and speculates imaginatively on some of the diverse challenges facing the Union in the future. Contributions from both established and emerging scholars of EU law and policy are united by two main themes: the paradox of the resilient yet unstable basis of the Union's constitutional fundamentals, and the ever-contested balance between the EU's core economic mission and its broader social values and aspirations. For any student, scholar or practitioner interested in the dynamic nature of the constitutional relationship between the Union and its Member States, and in the complex tensions underpinning the EU's substantive policies, these essays will be essential reading.

Table Of Contents

Michael Dougan and Samantha Currie, Editors' Introduction
1. Alan Dashwood, The Institutional Framework and the Institutional Balance
2. Lee Miles, A Fusing Europe? Insights for EU Governance
3. Per Cramér, Reflections on the Roles of Mutual Trust in EU Law
4. Robert Schütze, The European Community's Federal Order of Competences: A Retrospective Analysis
5. Derrick Wyatt, Community Competence to Regulate the Internal Market
6. Samantha Velluti, New EU Governance: The Case of Employment Policy
7. Panos Koutrakos, Common Foreign and Security Policy: Looking Back, Thinking Forward
8. Dominic McGoldrick, The International Legal Personality of the European Community and the European Union
9. Eleanor Sharpston, The Future of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
10. Arianna Andreangeli, From Complainant to 'Private Attorney General': The Modernisation of EU Competition Enforcement and Private Antitrust Actions Before National Courts
11. Peter Cameron, Energy: Efficiency, Security and the Environment
12. Jeff Kenner, New Frontiers in EU Labour Law: From Flexicurity to Flex-Security
13. Catherine Barnard, Fifty Years of Avoiding Social Dumping? The EU's Economic and not so Economic Constitution
14. Eleanor Spaventa, Federalisation v. Centralisation: Tensions in Fundamental Rights Discourse in the European Union
15. Samantha Currie, The Transformation of Union Citizenship
16. Fiona Beveridge, Gender, Enlargement and Beyond
17. Vlad Constantinesco, Does the Constitutional Treaty Have a Future?


“The strength of the volume lies in the breadth of its coverage, the authoritative contributions it contains, and the fact that there is both sufficient historical and forward-looking analysis to ensure that it will retain value in any library collection long after the recent entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon.” –  Rose M. D'Sa, European Public Law, Volume 16 (2010) Issue 2

“The contributions combine to provide a thorough and thought-provoking overview of the Community's progress and evolutionary dynamic to date. The work constitutes essential reading for both scholars, practitioners and those generally fascinated with the historical features of the EU's constitutional arrangement and in the Community's inherent difficulties to advance a coherent and coordinated agenda.” –  Marcin Roth, Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 48, Issue 1

“The best European Union lawyers manage to look good in a range of hat styles. The fine tailoring of doctrinal precision, the retro look with its clear sense of history, the cosmopolitan flair of mixing traditions, reasoning and ideas as well as a wide sourcing of legal materials. 50 Years of the European Treaties provides a very accessible catalogue of haute couture.

This book ... contains a range of stimulating and useful views on the development and future of EU law.

It is a work with much to commend it to students in particular, as many of the chapters are clear, accessible and cover and lot of ground.

” –  Matthew Dyson, The Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 69, Part 3

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