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Here at Hart we pride ourselves on offering a great service to our authors. We aim to make the publishing process as seamless, professional and personal as possible and believe that this is something that sets us apart from other publishers.

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We are always happy to discuss new ideas with prospective authors and to read and review manuscripts and book proposals. If you have an idea for a book then please contact one of our publishing team - Sinead Moloney, Roberta Bassi, Kate Whetter and Rosemarie Mearns - whose commissioning responsibilities are listed below (or write to one of them at this address: Hart Publishing Ltd, Kemp House, Cumnor Hill, Oxford, OX2 9PH)

Sinead Moloney (Editorial Director and General Manager)

Major Works
Monographs, reference works, textbooks and practitioner titles in:

Contract, Tort, and Restitution Law
Equity and Trusts
European Law
Human Rights
Immigration, Asylum, Nationality and Citizenship Law
International and Comparative Criminal Law
Law of the Sea
Private International Law
Public International Law

Roberta Bassi (Commissioning Editor)

Monographs, reference works, textbooks and practitioner titles in:

Arbitration and ADR
Asian Law
Banking and Financial Law
Company, Corporate and Commercial Law
Competition/Antitrust Law

Consumer Law
Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Economic and Trade Law
International Investment Law
IT and Technology Law
Labour and Discrimination Law
Law and Economics
Maritime and Shipping Law
Media Law
Medical Law and Ethics
Tax Law

Kate Whetter (Commissioning Editor)

Monographs, reference works, textbooks and practitioner titles in:

Charity Law
Comparative Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Education Law
Gender and the Law
Law and Humanities
Legal Education and the Legal Profession
Legal History
Legal Philosophy
Litigation and Civil Procedure
Property Law
Social Welfare Law
Socio-Legal Studies

Rosemarie Mearns (Editorial Assistant)

Monographs, reference works, textbooks and practitioner titles in:

Family Law
Onati series


1. We are interested in publishing all types of books, but we are particularly interested in monographs, student texts, and works of reference for practitioners. We do publish edited collections, but it is now our policy to severely limit the number of such collections published annually because of the difficulties we face marketing such works.

2. We will not consider a manuscript or proposal which has been simultaneously submitted to other publishers; if you are making a submission to more than one publisher then this must be disclosed at the time the submission is made.

In exceptional circumstances we may agree to consider a proposal which is also being submitted to another publisher, and will decide at the time of submission whether or not we wish to commence our own review process. In these circumstances we will only commence our review process if the author undertakes to accept our offer of publication without unreasonable delay.

3. We undertake to complete our review process in a timely fashion and to not keep authors waiting unnecessarily.

4. We are often asked if we have any objection to parts or the whole of a book being ‘pre-published’ (i.e. before the book appears) on SSRN, on the author’s own webpage, in a university repository, or in scholarly journals (print and digital). The answer is that while we recognise the temptation and pressure to ‘pre-publish’ in this fashion, in practice, for a variety of reasons it is very off-putting for us if all or part of a manuscript has been pre-published on the web or in a journal. We therefore generally decline to publish material which has been ‘pre-published’ elsewhere, and require authors to disclose at the outset if any part of their manuscript has been, or is in the process of being, ‘pre-published’ elsewhere.

5. OPEN ACCESS. Hart is delighted to be part of the Bloomsbury Open Access Programme. Click here for more information. 


If your manuscript is written, we will usually require the following:
1. The manuscript, saved as a Word, Wordperfect or PDF file, supplied as an e-mail attachment. Please use a legible font (10pt or larger).

2. A brief author CV.

3. A critical literature review, analysing the relationship between the book and other similar or potentially competitive books either published or in the course of being written.

4. A proposal document with an abstract for the work, the timetable for completing the script, and the estimated final word count.

5. In the case of a PhD thesis we will also need to see a copy of your examiners’ reports.

Please note: in the case of PhDs, we don't publish unrevised theses and for review purposes we will need details of how the material will be revised, either in the form of a detailed revision plan or a rewritten chapter illustrating the revisions. Please note: some universities do not permit revisions, or allow only minimal revisions, in the published PhD. Please do check your institution’s policy in this regard before submitting as we will require revision.

If the manuscript is not yet completed we will usually require the following:
1. A table of contents.

2. A brief description of the book (150-300 words).

3. A critical literature review, analysing the relationship between the book you are planning to write and other similar or potentially competitive books either published or in the course of being written.

4. Sample writing from the project.

5. A brief author CV.

6. Your timetable for completing the book, and the estimated final word count.


What will happen to your book proposal?
All book proposals and manuscripts are initially assessed in-house. This initial assessment focuses on the commercial viability of your proposed book, its ‘fit’ with our list, its quality, and the availability of space within our schedule. This part of the process can take anything from 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on a variety of factors, but we will let you know as soon as possible, and generally within 2 weeks, whether or not we wish to take the proposal to the next stage. Bearing in mind that we receive between 800-1000 proposals annually, of which only 80-90 are accepted, 90% of prospective authors are bound to be disappointed. Unfortunately once we decline a proposal we do not enter into further correspondence on the proposal.

Peer Reviewing
Manuscripts and book proposals are assessed anonymously by a panel of independent reviewers who are experienced, recognised experts. We generally require two positive assessments, but in some circumstances will seek additional reports. This part of the process can be time-consuming because we do not have control over our reviewers and have to allow them time to complete their work, while recognising that they are usually juggling other responsibilities and work commitments. We generally try to complete this part of the process in 3 months, but occasionally the process can take much longer. During this time we will keep you informed of progress.

Following the review process we will normally send you the reports written by our reviewers and ask you to respond. The reports may contain suggestions for revision, re-organisation, abbreviation or enlargement of your manuscript, and you will be expected to give serious consideration to these suggestions.

We will consider the reviewers’ reports and your response to them and at that point will decide whether or not to make a positive recommendation to our publishing committee. Our publishing committee meets frequently throughout the year. It is usual, but not inevitable, for our publishing committee to accept our positive recommendation. At its meeting our committee will review the assessor’s reports, and examine the proposal from the point of view of the market, proposed price, title, format, length and so on. If the committee agrees that the manuscript/proposal should be accepted then we will notify you of this and make a written contractual offer within a week of the committee meeting. Prospective authors are expected to accept or reject this offer without unreasonable delay. 

If, following review of your manuscript, the proposal is rejected, the script will be retained and destroyed after a further month unless you request its return in writing.


If we proceed with your proposal or manuscript the publishing contract will specify the agreed delivery date, the agreed word count, and the division of responsibilities between Author and Publisher. You will be expected to submit the complete manuscript in digital form – either as an e-mail attachment, on CD, or on USB – and except in very unusual circumstances we will only work with digital files.

Following receipt of the final manuscript, we normally conduct a short final review, which may be done in house, or by an external reviewer. Provided that we are happy with the manuscript, we will proceed to production.

Production usually takes between 5-6 months depending upon the length, complexity and topicality of your book. If there is a particular date by which your book needs to be published in order to take advantage of a significant marketing opportunity then we will make every effort to ensure that it is published by that date.

Your manuscript will be copy-edited by an experienced, legally qualified editor and you will be consulted about any major changes and may be asked to answer queries.

At the next stage you will receive page proofs and will be asked to check and correct them within a short period. Unless other arrangements have been agreed you may also have to produce an index and any necessary tables.

You will be given a schedule at the outset and you will be kept informed of progress at frequent intervals. You will be consulted about the design and appearance of your book and you will also be asked to assist us with marketing by suggesting suitable journals which may wish to review the book, teachers who may want it for classroom use and conferences/societies whose delegates/members may be interested in seeing details of the book.

We undertake a wide spectrum of marketing designed to draw attention to our books. This includes preparing catalogues and entries for this web site, producing printed publicity materials, seeking reviews, displaying books at conferences and advertising in leading law reviews.

Our books are stocked by booksellers in many countries and by our agents and distributors throughout the world.

Submitting a Book Proposal