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A Judge's Journey

By: Lord Dyson
Media of A Judge's Journey
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Published: 05-09-2019
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 256
ISBN: 9781509927869
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £11.69
Online price : £9.35
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About A Judge's Journey

John Dyson is one of the leading lawyers of his generation. After a successful career at the Bar, he rose to become a Justice of the Supreme Court and Master of the Rolls. In this compelling memoir, he describes his life and career with disarming candour and gives real insights into the challenges of judging. He also gives a fascinating account of his immigrant background, the impact of the Holocaust on his family and his journey from the Jewish community in Leeds in the 1950s to the top of his profession. Although he may be perceived as being a member of the Establishment, this arresting story shows how he continues to be influenced by his Jewish and European roots.

Also available from Hart 'Justice: Continuity and Change' (2018).

Table Of Contents

1. My Mother's Family
2. My Father's Family
3. A Leeds Childhood
4. Oxford
5. New Beginnings: London
6. Engagement and Marriage
7. Practice at the Bar
8. The High Court
9. The Court of Appeal
10. The Supreme Court
11. Master of the Rolls
12. Master of the Rolls: Memorable Cases
13. On Being a Judge
14. No Longer a Judge
15. A Jew in England
16. My Family Life
17. Epilogue


“These memoirs combine a moving family history with an account of how it was and, maybe, is still possible to make one's way from an ordinary background to the top of the judiciary, and an acute assessment of the political and legal issues facing us all today… Lord Dyson bridges the gap between the legal reader and the member of the public, and both will gain a clearer understanding of the world around us from his account.” –  Baroness Ruth Deech DBE QC(Hon),

“John Dyson's A Judge's Journey is the finest public intervention by a retired senior jurist since Bingham. Without a second's pomposity, he shares his personal voyage for all readers interested in human rights and decency in a tempest-tossed world.” –  Baroness Shami Chakrabarti,

“Not just a fascinating and revealing insider's view of the cases and controversies that dominated the justice system at the start of the millennium, A Judge's Journey shows how the bright son of working-class and immigrant parents could make it to a great office of state that has been occupied continuously since the thirteenth century.” –  Joshua Rozenberg QC (hon),

“This is a warm and generous book by a fine judge whose humanity shines through in every page. It deserves to find a wide readership.” –  The Right Hon Lord Lloyd-Jones, Justice of The Supreme Court, Middle Templar

“John Dyson's memoir combines humility, humanity and historical context. This is a rare gift, including among recently unplugged justices of the United Kingdom's highest court.” –  Rachel Holmes, The New Statesman

“Clear, candid and compelling, a memoir for our times.” –  Professor Philippe Sands QC,

“I love the legal mind and anyone who loves that will love this book. The lucidity with which ideas are expressed and the way in which anecdotes centre on their most important elements make this book an absolute delight and an intellectual tonic.” –  Lord Finkelstein,

“This is a compelling, emotional and frank memoir of Lord John Dyson ... it is a story that needed to be told. The book will appeal to individuals with a legal background or any interest in the law but, moreover, Lord Dyson's transparency, humility, and assiduous disposition will most definitely appeal to all.” –  UK Supreme Court Blog

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