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A New Landlord and Tenant

By: Peter Sparkes
Media of A New Landlord and Tenant
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Published: 13-02-2001
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 972
ISBN: 9781841130224
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £150.00
Online price : £135.00
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About A New Landlord and Tenant

This book is designed to complement the author's A New Land Law,integrating with that work in its simplified terminology, and emphasising a three-fold functional classification of leases – short residential tenancies, long residential leases and commercial leases.

Rented housing is treated as a unified whole, with particular prominence being given to shorthold arrangements. The book includes reference to the changes to the allocation and homelessness regimes proposed by Part II of the Homes Bill 2000. It also considers the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, the changes to repossession procedures implemented by the Woolf Reforms, and the year 2000 bumper crop of decisions on housing law.

Leasehold tenure is undergoing dramatic changes. The book draws a functional distinction between long residential leases and rental arrangements, based on the registrability of long leases, their freedom from rent controls and security of tenure, special controls of management and forfeiture, and enfranchisement rights. Extensive coverage is given to the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill 2000, introduced into the House of Lords in December 2000, and promising improvements in the enfranchisement schemes, additional management controls, and a commonhold scheme.

Topics on commercial leases (business and agricultural) given special attention include the reasonable recipient principle for the construction of notices, a decision on the effect on a sub-tenant of an upwards notice to quit by his head tenant, and Law Commission proposals on the Termination of Tenancies (1999).

Table Of Contents

1. Renting
2. Contractual Duration
3. Shortholds
4. Allocation and Homelessness
5. Full Residential Security
6. Limited Security Arrangements
7. Tied Accommodation
8. Domestic Protection
9. Residential Rents
10. Condition of Rented Property
11. Assignment
12. Peaceful Occupation
13. Residential Repossession
14. Leasehold Homes
15. Individual Enfranchisement
16. Flat Schemes
17. Commonhold
18. Right to Buy
19. Commercial Grants
20. Renewable Business Leases
21. Termination without Renewal
22. Agricultural Leases
23. Freedom of Business Contract
24. Business Rents
25. Repairs to Business Premises
26. Business Leases of Part
27. Dealings
28. Running of Covenants
29. Forfeiture


A New Landlord and Tenant is clearly unparalleled in length and breadth and is the most up-to-date book in its area. As an 'academic' textbook covering the regulation of leasehold property it is strongly recommended to those students enrolled on modules specifically concerned with studying the law of landlord and tenant.” –  Ian Turner, Coventry University, The Law Teacher

“This is a considerable book of massive scholarship.

As a guide to the vast land which is landlord and tenant law it is comprehensive and detailed.

” –  Dr Harold Wilkinson, Solicitor, New Law Journal

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