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An Introduction to the Law on Financial Investment

By: Iain G MacNeil
Media of An Introduction to the Law on Financial Investment
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Published: 20-01-2012
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 542
ISBN: 9781849460507
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £54.99
Online price : £49.49
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About An Introduction to the Law on Financial Investment

Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 2005, the world of financial investment has experienced an unprecedented boom followed by a spectacular bust. Significant changes have been proposed and in some cases implemented in areas such as the structure of regulation, the organisation of markets, supervision of market participants and the protection of consumers. The second edition takes account of these developments, integrating them into an analytical framework that enables the reader to develop a critical overview of the role of general legal rules and specialised systems of regulation in financial investment. The framework focuses on the role of contract, trusts and regulation as the primary legal influences for financial investment. The first part explores the relationship between investment, law and regulation. The second part examines the nature of investments and investors, both professional and private. The third part discusses the central role of corporate finance and corporate governance in linking investors with enterprises that require external capital. The fourth part examines the nature, operation and regulation of markets and the participants that support the functioning of the markets. The objective remains to provide a broadly-based and critical account of the role of law in financial investment.

"MacNeil's eloquent and informative distillation of the regulatory fundamentals of investment law gives his book much international relevance…a timely contribution to help readers decipher the seemingly inextricable maze of financial regulation…Practitioners and legal policy advisers will..welcome it. They should find enlightening the book's careful scrutiny of the trust and contractual foundations of investment law and practice."
Benjamin J Richardson
Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Vol 22 Issue 1, 2007

…a fascinating and informative book…thoroughly recommended as a learned but at the same time very readable introduction to the law of financial investment
Gerard McCormack
Banking and Finance Law Review, Volume 21 No 2, June 2006

...very informative tool that introduces in a very friendly and accessible manner the nearly inextricable world of financial investment laws.
Fadi Moghaizel
International Company and Commercial Law Review, Vol. 17 No 2, February 2006

Table Of Contents

1 The Nature of Investment
2 Regulation of Investment-Rationale and Development 27
3 The Regulatory System in the UK
4 Investments-Nature and Typology
5 Institutional Investment
6 Private Investors and the Retail Financial Market
7 Corporate Finance-General Principles
8 Corporate Finance-Listing and Public Offers
9 Corporate Governance-Overview and Evolution
10 Corporate Governance-Board Structure and Operation
11 Corporate Governance-Takeovers
12 Trading Markets-Overview
13 Trading Markets-Transparency and Integrity
14 Market Participants-Role and General Legal Principles
15 Market Participants-Regulatory Structure and Rules


“Overall, the book has achieved its objective to "provide a broadly based and critical account of the role of law in financial investment". It is suitable for law students intending to go into the practice of financial services, as well as practitioners who may want a quick overview of the relevant rules and principles in the area. For scholars or readers who may be interested to delve deeper into the various topics outlined in the book, MacNeil has provided ample research sources in the footnotes which will help his readers carry out further research on specific aspects of the law on financial investment.” –  Lan Luh Luh, Singapore Journal of Legal Studies

“The book is written in a very accessible style, it helps the reader by including a large amount of footnotes for immersion into further reading and contains the information relevant to come to grips with the law on financial investment.

It is helpful that the book starts with the basics or general principles, supports its findings by international comparisons and it is suited, therefore, for practitioners and legal policy well as academics.

It can be thoroughly recommended to any (international) reader interested in the topic of the law on financial investment.

” –  Dr Roman Jordans, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Volume 28, Issue 4

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