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Bloomsbury Law Online

Media of Bloomsbury Law Online
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Published: 01-09-2016
Format: Online Resource
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 9781784519131
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP : £15,000.00

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About Bloomsbury Law Online


Bloomsbury Law Online covers 26 practice areas and gives you fully searchable, instant access to content from over 170 of Bloomsbury Professional's leading titles.

Free trial or live demo
For a free trial or a live demo please visit, email or call +44(0)1444 416119.

How searchable?
The chosen online service platform for thousands of users in the UK law, tax, Scots law, Scottish tax and Irish law and tax sectors, due to its excellent functionality, subscribers to Bloomsbury Law Online can search or browse the content, use a quick-search function, search within searches and save searches. The advance search function also allows users to search for full texts, books, authors/editors, case dates, case names, chapter titles as well as the ability to search for items using Boolean operators.

Pricing Structure
We believe in offering all our products within a transparent and fair pricing policy. Our single user prices, listed below under each practice area service, are approximately 30% less than the respective cost of purchasing all the print products in the particular service.

Practice areas

Banking and Finance Law
Clinical Negligence
Company and Commercial Law
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Family Law
Immigration and Nationality Law
Insolvency Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property and IT
International Arbitration
Licensing Law
Local Government Law
Maritime and Shipping Law
National Infrastructure Planning Service
Parker's Will Precedents
Pensions Law
Personal Injury Law
Planning Law
Practice and Procedure
Professional Negligence Law
Property and Land Law
Sport Law

Other benefits to subscribing to Bloomsbury Law Online include:

* Ability to share content easily on social media
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- Creation of your own frequently used documents
* Subscribe to an individual practice area or multi practice areas from as little as £10 per month

Full practice area lists and single user pricing

Banking and Finance Law
Acquisition Finance
The Banker's Remedy of Set Off
Clearing and Settlement
Commercial Enforcement
Conduct and Accountability in Financial Services
Financial Services: Investigations and Enforcement
Financial Services Law Guide
International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice
The Law of Global Custody
The Law Relating to International Banking
Legal Principles in Banking and Structured Finance
Managing Risk in Financial Firms
Market Abuse and Insider Dealing
Market Abuse Enforcement: Practice and Procedure
Money Laundering Compliance
Neate and Godfrey: Bank Confidentiality
Private Funds: Where and How?

Single User Price: £2,480 (Monthly DD: £210)

Articles of Association for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations: Guidance and Precedents
Charity Administration Handbook
The Law and Practice Relating to Charities

Single User Price: £495 (Monthly DD: £45)

Clinical Negligence
Clinical Negligence
Lewis and Buchan: Clinical Negligence: A Practical Guide
Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Single User Price: £545 (Monthly DD: £45)

Company and Commercial Law
A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses
Articles of Association: Guidance and Precedents
Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses
Bribery: A Compliance Handbook
Chamber's Corporate Governance Handbook
Commercial Agency Agreements Law and Practice
Commercial Contracts: A Practical Guide to Standard Terms
Commercial Contracts for UK Companies: Formation to Exit
Commercial and Cyber Fraud: A Legal Guide to Justice for Businesses
Company Law Handbook 2021 – available online only
Directors' Remuneration Handbook
Doing Business After Brexit: A Practical Guide to the Legal Changes
Employment and Commercial Disputes: The International Aspects
Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
Fraud and Breach of Warranty
HSE and Environment Agency Prosecution: The New Climate
Joint Ventures and Shareholders' Agreements
Rights and Duties of Directors
Shareholder Actions
The UK and EMEA Corporate Counsel Handbook

Single User Price: £1930 (Monthly DD: £160)

Employment Law
Contract Actions in Employment Law
Corporate Insolvency: Employment Rights
Discrimination Law (4 updates per year)
Employment and Commercial Disputes: The International Aspects
Employment Covenants and Confidential Information
Employment Law and Pensions
Employment Law in Europe
The Employment Practitioner's Guide to Taxation
The Employment Tribunals Handbook: Practice, Procedure and Strategies for Success
Eversheds Sutherland: The Employment Practitioner's Guide to Financial Institutions: Key Aspects of the Regulatory Framework
Office Health and Safety Handbook
Payroll Management (5 updates per year) – available online only
Termination of Employment (4 updates per year) - available online only
Workforce Restructuring in Europe

Single User Price: £1,830 (Monthly DD: £155)

Environmental Law
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Law Handbook
The Law of Renewable Energy
Oil and Gas Law in the UK
Statutory Nuisance
Waite and Jewell: Environmental Law in Property Transactions
Waste Regulation

Single User Price: £610 (Monthly DD: £50)

Family Law Service
Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing – monthly, available online only
Family Law legislation - available online only
1KBW on Matrimonial Finance Disputes Involving Trusts
1 KBW on International Child Abduction
Barlow's Cohabitants and the Law
Child Abduction within the EU
Child Protection and the Family Court: What You Need to Know
Children's Views and Evidence
Duckworth's Matrimonial Property and Finance (2 updates per year)
Family Court Reports (24 issues per year)
Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues
Family Law Advocacy
Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention
Financial Remedies Practice – available online only
Forced Marriage Law and Practice
Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice (3 updates per year)
International Surrogacy Agreements
Law and Ethics of Dementia
Lawyer's Costs and Fees: Fees and Fixed Costs in Family Proceedings
Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective
Mediating International Child Abduction Cases: The Hague Convention
A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings
A Practitioner's Guide to the Court of Protection
Privilege, Privacy and Confidentiality in Family Proceedings
Public Children Law: Contemporary Issues
Responsible Parents and Parental Responsibility
Transparency in the Family Courts: Publicity and Privacy in Practice
Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings: Protections, Safeguards and Sanctions
Youth Court Guide

Single User Price: £2,630 (Monthly DD: £220)

The following are also available as stand-alone products:

Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice (3 updates per year) + Family Court Reports (24 issues per year)
Single User Price: £575 (Monthly DD: £50)

Duckworth's Matrimonial Property and Finance (2 updates per year) + Family Court Reports (24 issues per year)
Single User Price: £585 (Monthly DD: £50)

Family Court Reports (24 issues per year)
Single User Price £399 (Monthly DD: £35)

Immigration and Nationality Law
A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016
Asylum Law and Practice
Fransman's British Nationality Law
Immigration Appeals and Remedies Handbook
Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law (4 issues per year)

Single User Price £730 (Monthly DD: £60)

Insolvency Law
Bloomsbury Professional Law Insight - Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020
Buying and Selling Insolvent Companies and Businesses
Corporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures
Corporate Insolvency: Employment Rights
Corporate Insolvency: Pension Rights
Cross-Border Insolvency
Insolvency and Restructuring Manual
The Law Relating to Receivers, Managers and Administrators
Taxation in Corporate Insolvency and Rescue

Single User Price: £995 (Monthly DD: £85)

Insurance Law
Consumer Insurance Law: Disclosure, Representation and Basis of the Contract Clause
Houseman's Law of Life Assurance
Insurance Claims

Single User Price: £390 (Monthly DD: £35)

Intellectual Property and IT
Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing – monthly, available online only
Business, the Internet and the Law (4 updates per year) - available online only
Communications Law (4 issues per year)
Cornerstone on Information Law
Cyber Security: Law and Guidance
Data Protection, Privacy Regulators and Supervisory Authorities
E-contracts (4 updates per year) - available online only
Gringras: The Laws of the Internet
Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
International Handbook of Social Media Laws
The Media and Business Contracts Handbook
Merchandising Intellectual Property
Negotiating Software Contracts
The Right to be Forgotten
Technology Transfer
A User's Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy
A User's Guide to Intellectual Property in Life Sciences
A User's Guide to Patents
A User's Guide to Trade Marks and Passing Off

Single User Price: £2895 (Monthly DD: £245)

International Arbitration
Commercial Arbitration in the Arab Middle East: Shari'a, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (Hart title)
The Reform of Class and Representative Actions in European Legal Systems (Hart title)
State Liability in Investment Treaty Arbitration (Hart title)
Foreign Currency Claims in the Conflict of Laws (Hart title)
Direct Investment, National Champions and EU Treaty Freedoms (Hart title)
International Commercial Disputes (Hart title)
The Costs and Funding of Civil Litigation (Hart title)
Jurisdiction and Judgments in Relation to EU Competition Law Claims (Hart title)
Expert Privilege' in Civil Evidence (Hart title)
Set-off Defences in International Commercial Arbitration (Hart title)
Contracting with Sovereignty (Hart title)
Liability Insurance in International Arbitration (Hart title)
Cases and Materials on EU Private International Law (Hart title)
Consumer ADR in Europe (Hart title)
Basic Documents on International Investment Protection (Hart title)
The Settlement of International Disputes (Hart title)
The Practice of Arbitration (Hart title)
New York Convention (Hart title)
Arbitration in China (Hart title)
Institutional Arbitration (Hart title)
International Commercial Arbitration (Hart title)
Regulatory Competition in Contract Law and Dispute Resolution (Hart title)
The International Court of Justice (Hart title)
Regulating Dispute Resolution (Hart title)
The South China Sea Arbitration (Hart title)
Australian Private International Law for the 21st Century (Hart title)
International and Domestic Arbitration in Switzerland (Hart title)
Dispute Settlement in the Area of Space Communication (Hart title)
Law and Corporate Behaviour (Hart title)
International Commercial Arbitration (Hart title)
Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law Volume 1 (Hart title)
Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law Volume 3 (Hart title)
A Comparative Examination of Multi-Party Actions (Hart title)
Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law Volume 2 (Hart title)
EU Liability and International Economic Law (Hart title)
International Arbitration in Germany (Hart title)
Amicus Curiae Before International Courts and Tribunals (Hart title)
The European Union and International Dispute Settlement (Hart title)

For prices please contact:

Licensing Law
Button on Taxis: Licensing Law and Practice
Licensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy
Smith and Monkcom: The Law of Gambling

Single User Price: £405 (Monthly DD: £35)

Local Government Law
Compulsory Purchase and Compensation - available online only
Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour
Cornerstone on Councillor's Conduct
Cornerstone's Electoral Legislation 2016
Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud
Government and Information: The Law Relating to Access, Disclosure and their Regulation
The Law of Compulsory Purchase
Local Government Contracts and Procurement
Pease and Chitty's Laws of Markets and Fairs

Single User Price: £1065 (Monthly DD: £90)

Maritime and Shipping Law
Chalmer's Marine Insurance Act 1906
Debattista on Bills of Lading in Commodities Trade
Jack: Documentary Credits
The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea
Maritime Labour Convention 2006 – UK and REG Implementation

Single User Price: £715 (Monthly DD: £60)

FAQs for Mediators
Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues
How to Master Commercial Mediation
How to Master Negotiation
How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation
International Mediation: Breaking the Business Deadlock
Mediating Clinical Claims
Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation
Mediation: An A-Z Guide
Mediation Law
Mediation Law and Civil Practice
Mediation Skills and Techniques: Triangle of Influence
Setting up in Business as a Mediator

Single User Price: £740 (Monthly DD: £65)

National Infrastructure Planning Service

For pricing options please email or call +44(0)1444 416119

Parker's Will Precedents

Single User Price: £125 + VAT (Monthly DD: £12)

Accounts and Audit of Limited Liability Partnerships
The Law of Limited Liability Partnerships
Limited Liability Partnerships Handbook
Partnership Law
Partnership Taxation - available online only

Single User Price: £600 (Monthly DD: £50)

Pensions Law
Corporate Insolvency: Pension Rights
Employment Law and Pensions
Freshfields on Corporate Pensions Law 2015
Pensions, Contracts and Trusts: Legal Issues on Decision Making
Pensions Law Handbook
Practical Pension Scheme Accounting

Single User Price: £490 (Monthly DD: £40)

Personal Injury Law
Litigating Psychiatric Injury Claims
Mason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers
Personal Injury Limitation Law
Personal Injury Practice
Personal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages

Single User Price: £420 (Monthly DD: £35)

Planning Law
Cornerstone on the Planning Court
Localism and Planning
National Infrastructure Planning Handbook
Planning Appeals: Practice and Materials
Planning Enforcement
Planning Permission
Planning Policy

Single User Price: £580 (Monthly DD: £50)

National Infrastructure Planning Service is available as a bolt-on to the Planning Service for pricing options please email or call +44(0)1444 416119

Practice and Procedure
Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles
Lasok's European Court Practice and Procedure
The Law of Limitation (2 updates per year)
The Law and Business of Litigation Finance
Limitation of Actions in England and Wales
A Practitioner's Guide to Powers of Attorney
Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook

Single User Pricing: £1,235 (Monthly DD: £105)

Professional Negligence Law
Accountant's Negligence and Liability
Journal of Professional Negligence (4 issues per year)
Solicitors' Negligence and Liability

Single User Price: £580 (Monthly DD: £50)

Property and Land Law
Adverse Possession
Agricultural Law
Amending a Commercial Lease
Commercial and Residential Service Charges
Flat Schemes in Residential and Mixed Use Developments
Land Registry Adjudication
Scammel and Gasztowicz on Land Covenants

Single User Price: £800 (Monthly DD: £70)

Sport Law
Challenging Sports Governing Bodies
Football and the Law
Sport: Law and Practice
Sports Law

Single User Pricing: £445 (Monthly DD: £40)

Multi-List and Multi-User Prices

For multi-list and multi user prices please email or call +44(0)1444 416119.


“Bloomsbury Law Online is a quick and simple way for our lawyers to access a wide range of important legal texts. The service is easy to navigate and individual titles can be located with ease. Searching across the content of the titles is also straightforward and the option to display results in a PDF format means that we are less likely to require hard copy versions for all of our libraries. It is therefore a cost-effective way for us to deliver well-respected legal content to the business and sits well with some of the other services that we make available to our lawyers to help support them in their work.” –  Kevin Paris, Senior Research Procurement Officer, DLA Piper

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