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Buy-To-Let Property Tax Handbook

Media of Buy-To-Let Property Tax Handbook
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Published: 24-03-2017
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 536
ISBN: 9781784510541
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP : £100.00

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About Buy-To-Let Property Tax Handbook

Buy-to-Let Property Tax Handbook is a 'one stop shop' for tax practitioners, accountants and others who need to advise their clients and be aware of the tax aspects of running a residential buy-to-let property business.

The landscape for residential buy-to-let property investors has changed considerably in recent years, with the government seemingly targeting landlords of residential property through various tax changes. This authoritative guide follows the logical sequence from the commencement to cessation of a residential rental property business and covers all the taxation issues that might apply. It also offers helpful guidance on the legal aspects of buying and selling a buy-to-let property, and landlord obligations to tenants.
Buy-to-let property tax handbook highlights key issues, tax planning opportunities and pitfalls for the unwary, and includes numerous worked examples and case studies, as well as reference throughout to legislation and HMRC guidance.

This brand new book covers:

· Commencement of a property rental business
· Calculating profits or losses
· Interest relief restrictions
· Capital allowances
· Furnished lettings
· Furnished holiday lettings
· Loss relief
· Jointly-owned properties
· Non-resident landlords
· Company landlords
· Capital gains tax reliefs
· Inheritance tax
· Incorporation of a residential property rental business
· Stamp duty land tax (and land and buildings transaction tax)
· Legal issues of buying and selling a buy-to-let property
· Dealing with tenants
· Landlord obligations

With contributions by a wealth of property tax specialists, Buy-to-Let Property Tax Handbook is an invaluable resource for accountants and tax practitioners who have landlords as clients and is also ideal for property investors themselves.

Buy-to-Let Property Tax Handbook is written by Satwaki Chanda, James Darmon, Malcolm Finney, Peter Klim, Robert Maas, Mark McLaughlin, Lee Sharpe, David Smith, Liz Syms, Martin Wilson and Ken Wright.

“In my opinion this will become the go to reference for accountants with clients in this sector get a copy and see why for yourself”
Tony Margaritelli
ICPA Chairman

Table Of Contents

Prologue: Starting a buy-to-let property business? What you need to know
Chapter 1 Commencement of a property business
Chapter 2 Calculating property business profits and losses
Appendix A What expenses can be claimed for a buy-to-let property business?
Chapter 3 Finance costs relief restrictions
Chapter 4 Capital allowances
Chapter 5 Furnished lettings
Chapter 6 Furnished holiday accommodation/lettings
Chapter 7 Loss relief
Chapter 8 Jointly-owned properties
Chapter 9 Non-resident landlords
Chapter 10 Corporate landlords
Chapter 11 Capital gains tax
Chapter 12 Inheritance tax
Chapter 13 Incorporation of a buy-to-let residential property business
Chapter 14 Stamp duty land tax and land and buildings transaction tax
Chapter 15 Other issues
Chapter 16 Buy-to-let mortgages
Chapter 17 Dealing with tenants and agents
Chapter 18 Landlord obligations
Appendix B: Essential checklist for new landlords and new properties


“In my opinion this will become the go-to reference for accountants with clients in this sector get a copy and see why for yourself” –  Tony Margaritelli, ICPA Chairman,

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