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Commissions of Inquiry

Problems and Prospects

Editor(s): Christian Henderson
Media of Commissions of Inquiry
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Published: 18-05-2017
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 392
ISBN: 9781782258773
Imprint: Hart Publishing
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Loren Epson

About Commissions of Inquiry

This timely and pertinent collection looks at the variety of questions involved in the operation of Commissions of Inquiry (CoIs). Traditionally existing as pure fact-finding bodies, in recent times the function of CoIs has arguably shifted and broadened so as to provide a form of legal adjudication. This shift in their application merits scrutiny and this edited collection of essays addresses institutional and procedural aspects of CoIs, as well as issues in regards to the application and interpretation of the substantative law applied to them. Essay topics include the relationship of CoIs with, and impact upon, traditional forms of adjudication, the influences of international law upon the work of CoIs, through to issues of procedural fairness. Drawing upon the expertise of scholars working within in the field, it offers an insightful and critical analysis of CoIs.

Table Of Contents

Section 1: The Diversity of Contemporary Commissions of Inquiry
1. A Functional Typology of Commissions of Inquiry
Patrick Butchard and Christian Henderson
2. Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony: The Politics of Establishing United Nations Commissions of Inquiry
Michelle Farrell and Ben Murphy
3. Lessons From Two Regional Missions: Fact-finding in Georgia and South Sudan
Rob Grace
4. Domestic Commissions of Inquiry and International Law: The Importance of Normative Authority
Stephen Samuel and James A Green

Section 2: Commissions of Inquiry and International Courts and Tribunals
5. Commissions of Inquiry and Traditional Mechanisms of Dispute Settlement
Alexander Orakhelashvili
6. Commissions of Inquiry: Courting International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
Christine Schwöbel-Patel
7. The Impact of International Commissions of Inquiry on the Proceedings before the International Criminal Court
Triestino Mariniello

Section 3: Issues in the Substantive Engagement of Commissions of Inquiries with International Law
8. The Interplay between International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law in the Practice of Commissions of Inquiry
Marco Odello
9. Laying the Foundations: Commissions of Inquiry and the Development of International Law
Shane Darcy
10. Quo Vadis? Commissions of Inquiry and their Implications for the Coherence of International Law
Russell Buchan

Section 4: Procedural Questions and Working Methods
11. Selectivity and Choices in Human Rights Fact-finding: Reconciling Subjectivity with Objectivity?
Théo Boutruche
12. Commissions of Inquiry and Procedural Fairness
Alison Bisset
13. A Visible College: The Community of Fact-finding Practice
Corinne Heaven

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