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Corporate Personality in the 20th Century

Editor(s): Ross Grantham, C.E.F. Rickett
Media of Corporate Personality in the 20th Century
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Published: 01-04-1998
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 328
ISBN: 9781847313409
Imprint: Hart Publishing
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Loren Epson

About Corporate Personality in the 20th Century

The decision of the House of Lords in Salomon v. Salomon & Co Ltd has had lasting influence on the development of modern company law. This one hundred year old decision articulated the founding propositions of company law and is accordingly treated with reverence by academics and practitioners alike. The centenary of the case therefore affords a convenient opportunity to review these developments in company law. In doing so,the contributors to this volume range broadly across the modern approaches to company law and attempt to place key aspects of the subject in a theoretical and historical perspective and to lay bare the structural, theoretical and policy issues which lie behind its day-to-day technicalities.

Table Of Contents

1. The Bootmaker's Legacy to Company Law Doctrine
Ross Grantham and Charles Rickett

2. Corporate Personality-Limited Recourse and its Limits
David Goddard

3. Commentary on Goddard
Ross Grantham

4. Corporate Groups
Robert P. Austin

5. Commentary on Austin
Andrew Borrowdale

6. Corporate Personality, Limited Liability and the Protection of Creditors
Dan Prentice

7. Commentary on Prentice
Thomas G. W. Telfer

8. Company Law and Regulatory Complexity
Joanna Gray

9. Commentary on Gray
Bernard Robertson

10. Changes in the Role of the Shareholder
Jennifer Hill

11. Commentary on Hill
Robert P. Austin

12. Models of Corporate Regulation: The Mandatory/Enabling Debate
Ian M. Ramsay

13. Commentary on Ramsay
Tim Hazledine

14. Financial Transparency and Corporate Governance: The United States as a Model?
Louis Lowenstein


“The papers collected in this volume are all weighty pieces, fully researched, informative and thought-provoking. In his wildest dreams, Mr. Salomon could never have contemplated such immortality.” –  L.S. Sealy, Cambridge Law Journal

“Varied, provocative, weaving different strands in corporate law scholarship into a fascinating whole, Corporate Personality in the 20th Century offers the reader a lively overview of some of the best that corporate law scholarship has to offer.” –  Sandra S. Berns, Griffith Law Review

“This book is a high quality set of essays on a topic of enduring interest, namely the significance of Salomon's case.” –  DMM, Australian Law Journal

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