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Criminological and Legal Consequences of Climate Change

Editor(s): Stephen Farrall, Tawhida Ahmed, Duncan French
Media of Criminological and Legal Consequences of Climate Change
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Published: 02-04-2012
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 282
ISBN: 9781847319203
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Oñati International Series in Law and Society
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Loren Epson

About Criminological and Legal Consequences of Climate Change

This edited collection, the result of an international seminar held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati, Spain in 2010, explores the potential legal and criminological consequences of climate change, both domestically and for the international community. A novel feature of the book is the consideration given to the potential synergies between the two disciplinary foci, thus to encourage among legal scholars and criminologists not only an analysis of the consequences of climate change from these perspectives but to bring these fields together to provide a unique, inter-disciplinary exploration of the ways in which climate change does, or could, impact on our societies. Such an inter-disciplinary approach is necessary given that climate change is a multifaceted phenomenon and one which is intimately linked across disciplines. To study this topic from the point of view of a single social science discipline restricts our understanding of the societal consequences of climate change. It is hoped that this edited collection will identify emerging areas of concern, illuminate areas for further research and, most of all, encourage future academic discussion on this most critical of issues.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Exploring the Legal and Criminological Consequences
of Climate Change: An Introduction
Stephen Farrall, Tawhida Ahmed and Duncan French
1. Where Might We Be Headed? Some of the Possible Consequences of Climate Change for the Criminological Research Agenda
Stephen Farrall
2. International Legal Responses to the Challenges of a Lower Carbon Future: Energy Law for the Twenty-first Century
Catherine Redgwell
3. UK Climate Change Litigation: Between Hard and Soft Framing
Chris Hilson
4. Climate Change and Paradoxical Harm
Rob White
5. Corporate Governance and Climate Change
Sally Wheeler
6. Climate Change, Environmental (In)Security, Conflict and Crime
Nigel South
7. Analysis of Climate Change from a Human Rights Perspective
Tom Obokata
8. Climate Change and Aid Funding: An Appraisal of Recent Developments
Anna La Chimia
9. Climate Change: Effects on Mobility of EU Workers and the Need to Safeguard Supplementary (Occupational)
Pension Rights
Konstantina Kalogeropoulou
10. Defining Pollution Down: Forestry, Climate Change and the Dark Figure of Carbon Emissions
Mark Halsey
11. Personal Carbon Trading: Towards Sustainable Consumption in an Age of Climate Change and Energy Constraints
Peter Doran
12. State Responsibility for the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change on Individuals: Assessing the Potential for an
Interdisciplinary Approach
Matthew Hall
13. Situating Climate Change in (International) Law: A Triptych of Competing Narratives
Tawhida Ahmed and Duncan French


“The book is like most conferences in having a considerable range of material...the papers are all well referenced, edited and presented, allowing the reader the ability to follow up on any particular issues which could not be covered in detail in any particular paper. The concise notes about each author are also useful – informative without tipping into advertising. The book is a professional production, including a fulsome index which will be of considerable use to those wanting to pursue particular issues.

...a useful book, with its various papers bound to guide future research and analysis for some time to come.

” –  John Southalan, Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence

“... I regularly teach a graduate seminar on Global Criminology and [this book] will make an excellent addition to the required reading list for this course.” –  Gregg Barak, Griffith Law Review, Volume 22, Number 1

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