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Current Issues in Succession Law

Editor(s): Birke Häcker, Charles Mitchell
Media of Current Issues in Succession Law
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Published: 28-07-2016
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 320
ISBN: 9781782256281
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £72.00
Online price : £57.60
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Loren Epson

About Current Issues in Succession Law

While continental and comparative lawyers have recently rediscovered succession law as an area of immense practical importance deserving greater academic attention, it is still a neglected field in England. This book aims to reinvigorate the English debate. It brings together contributions by leading academics and practitioners engaging with topical issues as well as questions of fundamental importance in succession law and estate planning. The book will be of interest to both academics and practitioners working in the field, and to non-English comparative lawyers.

Table Of Contents

1. Intestacy Reform in 2014-Unfinished Business
Roger Kerridge
2. Disquieting Thoughts: Who Will Benefit When We Are Gone?
Rebecca Probert
3. How Does the Common Law Forfeiture Rule Work?
Ian Williams
4. Proprietary Estoppel: Undermining the Law of Succession?
Ben McFarlane
5. Explaining the Mutual Wills Doctrine
Ying Khai Liew
6. What's in a Will?-Examining the Modern Approach Towards the Interpretation and Rectification of Testamentary Instruments
Birke Häcker
7. Capacity and Want of Knowledge and Approval
Penelope Reed
8. Reversing Testamentary Dispositions in Favour of Informal Carers
Brian Sloan
9. What Is Left of the Non-Delegation Principle?
Lionel Smith
10. Pension Death Benefits: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Alexandra Braun
11. Estate Planning for Businesses
Emma Chamberlain


“Renewed academic engagement with the law of succession, in all its varied aspects, should be welcomed wholeheartedly by practitioners, and has the potential to be a great resource for all concerned with the application and development of the law in this field.” –  Michael Ashdown, Conveyancer

“The editors of Current Issues in Succession Law deserve our thanks for bringing this excellent collection
of papers to the attention of a wider audience.
” –  Edward Buckland, Trust Law Quarterly (STEP)

“In Current Issues in Succession Law, we find 11 essays that canvass a diverse array of problems in English succession law ... the doctrinal focus of the volume brings into sharp relief a striking familiarity across the essays in the basic problems they confront ... The volume will ... be of interest to succession scholars in other jurisdictions for contrast and comparison.” –  Robert H Sitkoff, Harvard Law School, The Cambridge Law Journal

“... for practitioners in the south of Britain and also those interested in recent developments there, all the most important issues are very well covered and considered ... I look forward very much to the next conference and the follow up volume.” –  Richard Frimston, Russell-Cooke LLP, European Property Law Journal

“... an excellent book both as a reference work for students and practitioners and also of interest to the wider public who may be drawn in by the subject matter.” –  Judith Bray, Barrister, Professor of Law, University of Buckingham, The Denning Law Journal

“The relevance of this work to the current law of succession cannot be overemphasised and, despite its accessible size and small stature, is a compilation of the highest standard ... at the very least, a work worthy of digestion by any student of the law or prospective creator of a testamentary disposition ... Put simply, this is one not to be missed.” –  Matthew E Carn, BPP Law School, Trust Law International

“The editors are to be congratulated on assembling the impressive list of contributing authors. The book offers high-quality analysis on a wide range of issues of importance in the modern English law of succession. It is highly recommended to practitioners and scholars with an interest in the area, as well as to university libraries.” –  John Mee, University College Cork, Law Quarterly Review

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