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Data Protection and Privacy, Volume 10

The Age of Intelligent Machines

Editor(s): Ronald Leenes, Rosamunde van Brakel, Serge Gutwirth, Paul De Hert
Media of Data Protection and Privacy, Volume 10
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Published: 30-04-2020
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 256
ISBN: 9781509937486
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £25.00
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Loren Epson

About Data Protection and Privacy, Volume 10

The subjects of Privacy and Data Protection are more relevant than ever with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming enforceable in May 2018.

This volume brings together papers that offer conceptual analyses, highlight issues, propose solutions, and discuss practices regarding privacy and data protection. It is one of the results of the tenth annual International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, CPDP 2017, held in Brussels in January 2017.

The book explores Directive 95/46/EU and the GDPR moving from a market framing to a 'treaty-base games frame', the GDPR requirements regarding machine learning, the need for transparency in automated decision-making systems to warrant against wrong decisions and protect privacy, the riskrevolution in EU data protection law, data security challenges of Industry 4.0, (new) types of data introduced in the GDPR, privacy design implications of conversational agents, and reasonable expectations of data protection in Intelligent Orthoses.

This interdisciplinary book was written while the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 were beginning to become clear. It discusses open issues, and daring and prospective approaches. It will serve as an insightful resource for readers with an interest in computers, privacy and data protection.

Table Of Contents

1. EU Data Protection and 'Treaty-base Games': When Fundamental Rights are Wearing Market-making Clothes
Laima Janciute
2. The 'Risk Revolution' in EU Data Protection Law: We can't Have Our Cake and Eat it, Too
Claudia Quelle
3. No Privacy without Transparency
Roger Taylor
4. Machine Learning with Personal Data
Dimitra Kamarinou, Christopher Millard and Jatinder Singh
5. Bridging Policy, Regulation and Practice? A Techno-Legal Analysis of Three Types of Data in the GDPR
Runshan Hu, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Mu Yang, Valeria Schiavoand Vladimiro Sassone
6. Are We Prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Data Protection and Data Security Challenges of Industry 4.0 in the EU Context
Carolin Moeller
7. Reasonable Expectations of Data Protection in Telerehabilitation-A Legal and Anthropological Perspective on Intelligent Orthoses
Martina Klausner and Sebastian Golla
8. Considering the Privacy Design Issues Arising from Conversation as Platform
Ewa Luger and Gilad Rosner
9. Concluding remarks at the 10th Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference: 27 January 2017
Giovanni Buttarelli


“The book provides an interesting overview of some very topical issues.” –  Laura Linkomies, Privacy Laws & Business

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