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Decarbonisation and the Energy Industry

Law, Policy and Regulation in Low-Carbon Energy Markets

Editor(s): Tade Oyewunmi, Penelope Crossley, Frédéric Gilles Sourgens, Kim Talus
Media of Decarbonisation and the Energy Industry
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Published: 26-11-2020
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 448
ISBN: 9781509932900
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Global Energy Law and Policy
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £95.00
Online price : £85.50
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About Decarbonisation and the Energy Industry

This timely collection of essays examines the legal and regulatory dynamics of energy transitions in the context of emerging trends towards decarbonisation and low-carbon energy solutions. The book explores this topic by considering the applicable energy law and policy frameworks in both:
(i) highly industrialised and major economies such as the US, EU, China and Australia;
(ii) resource-rich developing countries such as Nigeria and regions like Southern Africa.

Comprising 16 chapters, the book delves into the tradeoffs and regulatory complexities of carbon-constraints in conventional energy supply systems, while maintaining a reliable and secure energy system that is equally sustainable (ie decarbonised). It highlights the importance of ensuring affordable access to energy services in developing economies as the energy transitions unfold and explores the potentials of emerging technologies such as hydrogen networks, power-to-gas and Carbon Capture and Storage. Additionally, the book also considers the international investment law implications of energy decarbonisation.

Focusing on the nexus between law, regulation and institutions, it adopts a contextual approach to examine how and to what extent institutions can effectively facilitate more reliable, sustainable and secure energy supply systems in the twenty-first century. This book portrays the conventional hydrocarbon-based energy supply industry in a largely international and interconnected context. It highlights the costs, benefits and losses that may arise as the transition towards decarbonisation unfolds depending on the pathways and solutions adopted.

With chapters written by leading experts in energy law and policy, the reader-friendly style and engaging discussions will benefit an international audience of policymakers, academics, students and advisers looking for a more incisive understanding of the issues involved in energy transitions and the decarbonisation of energy systems.

Table Of Contents

List of Contributors

Tade Oyewunmi, Penelope Crossley, Kim Talus and Frédéric Sourgens

Part I Enhancing Secure and Reliable Access To Sustainable Energy Systems in the Twenty-First Century
1. Tradeoffs and Tensions in the American Energy Transition
David B Spence

2. The US Gas Supply Boom under Carbon Constraints: Examining the Role of Regulatory Institutions
Tade Oyewunmi

3. Decarbonising Gas and Electricity Systems: An Outlook on Power-to-Gas and Other Technology-Based Solutions
Tade Oyewunmi

4. Economic Waste and Environmental Problems: Natural Gas Flaring in Texas
Kim Talus and Cheri R Hasz

5. Global Governance Networks for Climate Change and Energy Investments
Frédéric Gilles Sourgens

6. Investment Law and Decarbonisation
Diane Desierto and Frédéric Gilles Sourgens

7. Private Mineral Rights and Africa's Shale Gas
Emeka Duruigbo

8. International Oil and Gas Operators and Decarbonisation
Peter Kayode Oniemola

9. The Carbon Taxation Conundrum
Frédéric Gilles Sourgens and Lori A McMillan

Part II Energy Transitions: Law and Regulation in Selected Countries and Regions
10. A Primer on United States Energy and Decarbonisation Policy
Troy A Rule

11. The Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in the EU Electricity Grid: Adapting Current Market Rules to 'New Market Realities'
Sirja-Leena Penttinen and Leonie Reins

12. Regulating Energy Supply in China
Philip Andrews-Speed

13. Energy Law and Regulation in Nigeria - Prospects for Reliable Electricity Supply
Tade Oyewunmi and Ivie Ehanmo

14. Australian Electricity Law and Policy in a Time of Energy Market Transition, National Emergency and Climate Crisis
Penelope Crossley

15. Canada's Emerging LNG Export Industry and the Project Approval Challenge
Rudiger Tscherning

16. Challenges and Opportunities for Energy Transitions and Decarbonisation in Southern African Countries
Victoria R Nalule and Smith I Azubuike

Conclusion: An Exposition of a Contextual Approach to Energy and Decarbonisation
Penelope Crossley, Tade Oyewunmi, Kim Talus and Frédéric Sourgens


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