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Defences in Contract

Editor(s): Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp, Frederick Wilmot-Smith
Media of Defences in Contract
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Published: 27-06-2019
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 336
ISBN: 9781509930081
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Hart Studies in Private Law: Essays on Defences
Dimensions: 244 x 169 mm
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Loren Epson

About Defences in Contract

This book is the third in a series of essay collections on defences in private law. It addresses defences to liability arising in contract. The essays range from those adopting a predominantly black-letter approach to others that examine the law from a more theoretical or historical perspective. Some essays focus on individual defences, while others are concerned with the links between defences, or with how defences relate to the structure of contract law generally. One goal of the book is to determine what light can be shed on contract law doctrines by analysing them through the lens of defences. The contributors – judges and academics – are all leading jurists. The essays are addressed to all of the major common law jurisdictions.

Table Of Contents

1. Thinking in Terms of Contract Defences
Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp and Frederick Wilmot-Smith
2. What Is a Contractual Defence (and Does It Matter)?
Kit Barker
3. Good Faith Bargaining in the Shadow of a Form
Daniel Markovits
4. Good Faith, Good Conscience, and the Taking of Unfair Advantage
Stephen Waddams
5. Undue Influence and Unconscionability
Hugh Beale
6. Should Consideration Be Required for the Consensual Discharge of an Agreement By Part Payment?
Mary Arden
7. Not Waiving but Drowning
Robert Stevens
8. Frustration: Automatic Discharge of Both Parties?
Ewan McKendrick
9. Resisting Termination: Some Comparative Observations
Solène Rowan
10. The Contract Remoteness Rule: Exclusion, Not Assumption of Responsibility
Venkatesan Niranjan
11. Contributory Negligence and Strict Contractual Obligations Revisited
Janet O'Sullivan
12. The Impact of Exemption Clauses and Disclaimers: Construction, Contractual Estoppel and Public Policy
Gerard McMeel
13. Illegality: Where Are We Now?
Roger Toulson


“...Defences in Contract offers us a critical, groundbreaking analysis of how contract law doctrines can be properly explained through the lens of defences...this book provides thought-provoking insight on a topic that is important but often neglected in the law of contract. More importantly, it fills a long-existing gap in the contract law literature while giving a more complete view of the existing contract law regimes.” –  Gordon Chung, Master of Corporate Law Candidate, University of Cambridge, European Review of Private Law

“The book is an important and inspiring read for anyone interested in contract law. Most of the chapters in this innovative text provide a historical, philosophical and practical guide to the defences in contract law. Eclectic thoughts are offered and the treatment of contentious and challenging issues encourages readers - such as perhaps academic researchers, decision-makers and even perhaps law-makers - to strive for reasonable outcomes.” –  Navin G Ahuja, European Review of Private Law

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