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Digital Copyright

Law and Practice

By: Simon Stokes
Media of Digital Copyright
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Published: 24-01-2019
Format: Hardback
Edition: 5th
Extent: 360
ISBN: 9781509917297
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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About Digital Copyright

The first edition of this book in 2002 was the first UK text to examine digital copyright together with related areas such as performers' rights, moral rights, database rights and competition law as a subject in its own right. Now in its fifth edition, the book has been substantially updated and revised to take account of legal and policy developments in copyright law and related areas, the new UK copyright exceptions, recent CJEU cases, the regulation of Collective Management Organisations, orphan works, and developments in EU copyright legislation and the EU's Digital Single Market Strategy. It also contains new sections on big data and data mining, the impact of artificial intelligence and blockchain on copyright, and the future for UK copyright after Brexit. The book helps put digital copyright law and policy into perspective and provides practical guidance for those creating or exploiting digital content or technology, whether in academia, the software, information, publishing and creative industries, or other areas of the economy. The focus of Digital Copyright is on the specifics of the law in this area together with practical aspects. Both academics and practitioners will find the book an invaluable guide to this ever-expanding field of law.

Review of Previous Edition:
'Overall, Digital Copyright is well worth the relatively modest price for a book that will be stimulating for anyone who has to think about copyright in the digital realm.'
Francis Davey, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Table Of Contents

1. Why Digital Copyright Matters
1.1. Overview of this Book
1.2. Copyright: Its Scope and Rationale
1.3. The International Aspect of Copyright
1.4. The Digital Challenge to Copyright
1.5. Internet Technology and Copyright
1.6. International Legislation
1.7. The Future

2. Digital Copyright: The Basics
2.1. Introduction 5
2.2. What Digital Copyright Protects
2.3. How Digital Copyright can be Infringed
2.4. Exceptions and Defences to Digital Copyright Infringement
2.5. Who Owns the Digital Copyright?
2.6. The Implementation of the Electronic Commerce and Information Society Directives into UK Law
2.7. The Modernisation of EU Copyright Law in Light of the Digital Single Market

3. Digital Database Law and the Internet
3.1. The Relationship Between Copyright and Database Right
3.2. Digital Copyright Protection for Databases
3.3. Database Right Protection
3.4. Some Practical Suggestions

4. Digital Moral Rights: The Basics
4.1. What are Digital Moral Rights?
4.2. How are Digital Moral Rights Infringed?
4.3. Dealing with Moral Rights in Practice

5. Digital Rights and Competition Law
5.1. Overview: Competition Law and Digital Copyright
5.2. UK Competition Law
5.3. EU Law
5.4. Penalties for Breaching Competition Law
5.5. Implications for Digital Copyright Businesses
5.6. Concluding Comments

6. Software Copyright
6.1. Code and Copyright: The Basics
6.2. The Software Directive
6.3. What Does Software Copyright Protect?
6.4. The Challenge of the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Movement to Software Copyright

7. Digital Copyright and E-Commerce
7.1. Content Re-Use
7.2. Licensing and Linking
7.3. Digital Image Protection
7.4. Lawful Use of Search Engines
7.5. Napster to the Pirate Bay: Online Copyright Infringement
7.6. Service Provider Liability, Platforms and the 'Value Gap'
7.7. Standards and Web Content
7.8. Streaming Media and Digital Copyright
7.9. Technical Protection Measures and Fair Use: The End of Copyright?
7.10. The Digital Single Market

8. Digital Copyright: From Web 2.0 to Blockchain
8.1. Web 2.0 and Copyright
8.2. Fair Dealing and Web 2.0
8.3. Liability for Hosting and/or Distributing Infringing Content
8.4. E-Publishing
8.5. App Development and Licensing
8.6. Big Data
8.7. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Copyright
8.8. Blockchain and Copyright

9. Protecting and Managing Your Digital Copyright Assets
9.1. General
9.2. Issues for Specific Industries
9.3. The Role of Collecting Societies/Collective Management Organisations in the Digital Environment
9.4. Orphan Works, Extended Collective Licensing and Digital Copyright Exchanges/Hubs
9.5. Precedent Checklists and Precedents
9.6. Consumers and Copyright Agreements


“This book provides a concise, introductory guide to digital copyright that also offers practical guidance and further reading for more in-depth analysis. Each chapter concludes with a bullet point summary that helps to make the book accessible and digestible. It would therefore be of interest to those practising, working, researching or studying in the field of digital copyright law.” –  Hayleigh Bosher, The IPKat

“[A] well-written, authoritative book, supported by numerous references... recommended for legal practitioners and creators and users of digital copyright materials alike.” –  Professor Charles Oppenheim, European Intellectual Property Review

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