Tax Planner Interactive

Tax Planner Interactive is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in a tax product! This practical online tool guides you step by step to the most effective tax planning solutions for your client, providing everything you need to implement the advice. Which tax planning scenarios are included in the service? Our digital tax planning tool helps you to identify the appropriate way to deal with frequently encountered situations where clients are either faced with a change in their circumstances or simply want to be sure that their affairs are organised in the most tax efficient way. 

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Key Features & Benefits

What practical assistance does the service offer?

Once you’ve arrived at a solution, Tax Planner Interactive provides you with:
• A summary of the suggested planning, including worked examples to demonstrate particular points
• An automatically generated, customisable client letter which outlines the proposed tax planning
• A checklist detailing every step you need to take, helping you to ensure that all deadlines are met
• Numerous useful links to HMRC guidance, forms and relevant case law
• A list of tips and traps to make sure you successfully implement the planning and avoid any problems or common pitfalls
• Legislation and guidance




The key areas covered are:

• Starting a business
• Growing a business
• Dividing a business
• Leaving a business
• CGT planning
• IHT planning


How does the service work?

Tax Planner Interactive assists you by:
1. Identifying the problem
2. Offering the solution
3. Telling you exactly how and when to put the solution into practice


We guarantee that this online decision-support tool will change the way you work! Subscribe today and you can:

Advise with confidence
Developed by tax practitioners with 30 years’ experience in advisory work, Tax Planner Interactive equips you with the information and confidence you need to advise your clients on a range of everyday situations.
Introduce a new revenue stream to your practice
With Tax Planner Interactive you no longer need to outsource complex tax advisory work, enabling you to offer clients a complete service to rival the big firms.

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