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Environmental Judicial Review

By: R. J. Moules
Media of Environmental Judicial Review
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Published: 01-09-2011
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 430
ISBN: 9781849460019
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP : £100.00

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Loren Epson

About Environmental Judicial Review

Judicial review of environmental decisions is an important and growing area of public law. But although the general principles of judicial review have been clearly mapped out, their application to the particular context of the environment is under-explored. This book therefore seeks to provide a detailed and critical account of environmental judicial review in both domestic and EU law. Part I explains the central principles of environmental law, such as the polluter pays principle and the precautionary principle, and shows how they influence the application of public law standards of legality. Part II considers the procedure
for judicial review with particular emphasis on standing, protective costs and the availability of interim relief. Part III consists of a detailed examination of how each of the grounds for judicial review is applied in the environmental context. It highlights the increased emphasis on consultation and public participation in environmental matters, the degree of deference afforded by the courts to scientific and political judgments, and the prevalence of 'hard-edged' questions of law. Part IV focuses on EU law and examines direct and indirect actions before the EU courts, preliminary references and state liability. It also considers infraction proceedings brought by the EU Commission, the role of individuals and NGOs in relation to such proceedings and the interrelationships between infraction proceedings and judicial review. Finally, Part V explains the complex regime governing access to environmental information.

Table Of Contents

Part I: General Principles
1 Introduction
2 Sources and Objectives of Environmental Law and Policy
3 General Principles of Environmental Law
Part II: Procedure
4 T he Claim for Judicial Review
5 Standing
6 Disclosure
7 Costs and Litigation Funding
8 Remedies
Part III: Grounds for Judicial Review
9 Error of Law and Fact
10 Retention of Discretion
11 Abuse of Discretion: Illegality
12 Legitimate Expectations
13 Procedural Fairness I: Fair Hearings
14 Procedural Fairness II: The Rule against Bias
15 Human Rights and the Environment
Part IV: European Union Law
16 T he Effect of EU Law
17 Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
18 T he Action for Annulment and the Action for Failure to Act
19 Enforcement by the European Commission
Part V: Access to Environmental Information
20 Access to Environmental Information


“...the author has produced a fine book, which is extremely well written, is comprehensive in its approach and covers the key areas one would hope for in a specialist text of this nature.” –  Paul Stookes, Journal of Environmental Law, Volume 24, Issue 2

“Richard Moules' book is a gold mine of information on a fascinating area of environmental law.

The book is noteworthy for three main reasons. First, it does not assume any previous detailed knowledge of environmental or administrative law; where it is necessary for the development of a narrative the author provides all the necessary background material...The second noteworthy characteristic of the book is the emphasis on case law. There are approximately 1000 cases referred to (I didn't count them all but the Table of Cases runs over 14 pages) and to say that Moules has been exhaustive in his trawl for relevant cases is an understatement...What is perhaps surprising is the third noteworthy thing about this book. It is a very enjoyable read! While it is certainly not a book to be read in a single sitting it is much more than just a reference book for dipping in to. Moules traces a story about judicial review that is both fascinating and informative and has produced a book that will be a worthy addition to any environmental lawyer's bookshelf.

” –  Professor Lynda Warren, Environmental Liability, Volume 19, Issue 6

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