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Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene

Editor(s): Louis Kotzé
Media of Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene
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Published: 31-10-2019
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 408
ISBN: 9781509933112
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene

The era of eco-crises signified by the Anthropocene trope is marked by rapidly intensifying levels of complexity and unevenness, which collectively present unique regulatory challenges to environmental law and governance. This volume sets out to address the currently under-theorised legal and consequent governance challenges presented by the emergence of the Anthropocene as a possible new geological epoch. While the epoch has yet to be formally confirmed, the trope and discourse of the Anthropocene undoubtedly already confront law and governance scholars with a unique challenge concerning the need to question, and ultimately re-imagine, environmental law and governance interventions in the light of a new socio-ecological situation, the signs of which are increasingly apparent and urgent. This volume does not aspire to offer a univocal response to Anthropocene exigencies and phenomena. Any such attempt is, in any case, unlikely to do justice to the multiple implications and characteristics of Anthropocene forebodings. What it does is to invite an unrivalled group of leading law and governance scholars to reflect upon the Anthropocene and the implications of its discursive formation in an attempt to trace some initial, often radical, future-facing and imaginative implications for environmental law and governance.

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Back to Basics: The Limits and Potential of Law and Governance in the Anthropocene
1. The Role of Sustainable Development and the Associated Principles of Environmental Law and Governance
in the Anthropocene
Jonathan Verschuuren
2. Reimagining International Environmental Law in the Anthropocene
Tim Stephens
3. Doing Time-The Temporalities of Environmental Law
Benjamin J Richardson

Part 2: Radical Ontologies and Epistemologies for the Anthropocene
4. 'Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene': Re-encountering Environmental Law and its 'Subject' with
Haraway and New Materialism
Anna Grear
5. Critical Environmental Law and the Double Register of the Anthropocene: A Biopolitical Reading
Vito De Lucia
6. Critical Environmental Law in the Anthropocene
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
7. Materiality and the Ontological Turn in the Anthropocene: Establishing a Dialogue between Law, Anthropology and Eco-Philosophy
Saskia Vermeylen

Part 3: Planetary Stewardship and Global Justice Reimagined
8. Global Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene: Setting and Achieving Global Goals
Maria Ivanova and Natalia Escobar-Pemberthy
9. Global Environmental Constitutionalism in the Anthropocene
Louis J Kotzé
10. Global Justice in the Anthropocene
Carmen G Gonzalez
11. The Imperative of Ecological Integrity: Conceptualising a Fundamental Legal Norm for a New 'World System' in the Anthropocene
Klaus Bosselmann

Part 4: Possible Futures in Critical 'Spaces'
12. Of Human Responsibility: Considering the Human/Environment Relationship and Ecosystems in the Anthropocene
Karen Morrow
13. The Corporation and the Anthropocene
Sally Wheeler
14. Judging the Anthropocene: Transformative Adjudication in the Anthropocene Epoch
Lynda Collins
15. The Emergence of Transnational Environmental Law in the Anthropocene
Jolene Lin
16. The End of European Union Environmental Law: An Environmental Programme for the Anthropocene
Han Somsen


“If we expect to get through the “Anthropocene” - an emerging geological epoch where human activity may drive global environmental change towards and beyond the boundaries of self-regulating planetary systems such as climate – a road map offering guidance and direction will come in handy. This compelling volume of essays by seventeen passionate and respected scholars suggests some of the conceptual landmarks – sustainability, precaution, integration, restoration, planetization – on an environmental law and governance pathway that might promote better human choices while choices remain to be made.” –  Endorsement, Jamie Benidickson, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa

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