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Environmental Law for Sustainability

A Reader

Editor(s): Benjamin J Richardson, Stepan Wood
Media of Environmental Law for Sustainability
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Published: 09-03-2006
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 320
ISBN: 9781841135441
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Osgoode Readers
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £37.99
Online price : £26.59
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About Environmental Law for Sustainability

This volume of new essays presents critical new scholarship on law for sustainable development. Its contributors provide international and comparative perspectives on the current state of environmental law and its future directions. Aimed at both students and scholars in law and other social sciences, it goes beyond conventional descriptions of environmental law and policy to a theoretical and interdisciplinary analysis of the role of law in sustainable development. Starting from the premise that ecological sustainability requires environmental law systems to be sensitive to a wide array of institutional, social and economic issues and to emerging forms of environmental governance beyond conventional legal regulation, the book explores: future directions in command regulation; changing forms of public administration; risk assessment and precautionary regulation; ecological justice; public participation in environmental decision-making; indigenous peoples and the environment; industry self-regulation; economic instruments; sustainable finance; the state of international environmental law; and environmental law in developing countries.

Contributors include Carolyn Abbot (Manchester), Klaus Bosselmann (Auckland), David Driesen (Syracuse), Steve Dovers (ANU), Jaye Ellis (McGill), Elizabeth Fisher (Oxford), Benjamin Richardson (Osgoode) and Stepan Wood (Osgoode).

Table Of Contents

1. Environmental Law for Sustainability
Benjamin J. Richardson and Stepan Wood

Part 1: Environmental Regulation and Administration

2. Institutions and Policy Change for Sustainability
Stephen Dovers and Robin Connor

3. Environmental Command Regulation
Carolyn Abbot

4. Risk and Environmental Law: A Beginner's Guide
Elizabeth Fisher

Part 2: Ethical and Human Rights Dimensions

5. Ecological Justice and Law
Klaus Bosselmann

6. Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making
Benjamin J. Richardson and Jona Razzaque

7. Indigenous Peoples, Law and the Environment
Benjamin J. Richardson and Donna Craig

Part 3: Economic and Business Dimensions

8. Voluntary Environmental Codes and Sustainability
Stepan Wood

9. Economic Instruments for Sustainable Development
David Driesen

10. Sustainable Finance: Environmental Law and Financial Institutions
Benjamin J. Richardson

Part 4: International and Comparative Perspectives

11. International Environmental Law
Jaye Ellis and Stepan Wood

12. International Trade Law and the Environment
Oren Perez

13. Environmental Law in Post-colonial Societies: Aspirations, Achievements and Limitations
Benjamin J. Richardson, Ikechi Mgbeoji and Francis Botchway


“[this] book takes a refreshing look at environmental law in the context of sustainability, focusing on rigorous analysis and reflective consideration of the topics made relevant across jurisdictions...It will be...stimulating to established scholars in this area, but also those coming to the subject for the first time...the intellectually challenging approach, combined with a most reasonable price tag, mean that this book should easily earn a place in all environmental law libraries.” –  Anne-Michelle Slater, Environmental Law Review, Volume 9 (1) (2007)

“This is a remarkable book, not only for its critical analysis of the law for sustainable development, but for the fact that it is, in this reviewer's knowledge, the only book suitable for scholars and students alike that undertakes a comprehensive, comparative approach to unraveling the complexities of the law for sustainable development in a manner that does not leave the reader wallowing in a state of confusion and uncertainty...This will be a useful reference for specialist topics, such as Indigenous Peoples, law and the environment and public participation in environmental decision-making as well as being suitable as a text in a foundation environmental law course...this book does an excellent job of covering the broad landscape of environmental law for sustainability and it is highly recommended.
Michael Jeffery, QC
” –  Michael Jeffery, QC, Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law, volume 3

“…a collection of thought-provoking and condensed essays, addressing some of the key roles of environmental law from the viewpoint of diverse scholars…I can fully recommend this book to students, fellow academics, practitioners and government officials.” –  Prue Taylor, New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law

“…the book is remarkable for achieving coherence and unity in a work of such diversity and complexity. If Environmental Law for Sustainability was the only environmental law book a newcomer to the area had read, he or she would come away with considerable historic and general knowledge, as well as deep and insightful critiques on detailed and complex questions that are at the forefront of current issues facing law and sustainability…a unique and very useful tool, not only for students taking their first steps on the path of sustainability law, but for well-seasoned travellers as well.” –  Heather Mcleod-Kilmurray, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Vol 45, No 1

“The book's main appeal rests in its critique of both traditional and emerging areas of environmental law, and its ability to offer a truly interdisciplinary perspective…its mixture of clear overviews of the current state of the law and critical debates makes it a stimulating read for both expert researchers and students new to the field.” –  Kelvin Cheung, ELFline

“[This] is a fascinating book. It addresses some of the most topical issues in international environmental law and policy, and does so informatively and interestingly… a stimulating and valuable contribution to the discourse on the interrelationship between environmental law and sustainability.” –  Kate Miles, Review of European Community and International Environmental Law, Volume 15, No 3

“It demonstrates the variety of the concept and provides substantial propositions for further discourse and research.” –  Eike Michael Frenzel, European Public Law, Volume 14, Issue 1

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