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Equitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit

Editor(s): Simone Degeling, Jason NE Varuhas
Media of Equitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit
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Published: 06-04-2017
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 376
ISBN: 9781509901463
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Hart Studies in Private Law
RRP: £36.00
Online price : £28.80
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Loren Epson

About Equitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit

This collection of essays interrogates significant issues at the forefront of scholarship and legal practice in the field of money remedies in equity. Chapters address the contentious and developing field of equitable compensation, including: the nature of equitable compensation; the relevant causation inquiry for equitable compensation; whether notions of contribution apply to multiple agents; accessorial liability; the role of discretion in limiting equitable compensation; which wrongs yield equitable compensation; and the extent to which compensation in equity differs from money remedies at common law. Other chapters examine the remedy of disgorgement of profit, and specifically the theoretical basis of that remedy, its application in the context of fiduciary obligations, and third-party issues. A number of chapters also examine the interrelationship between loss- and gain-based money relief.

In addressing these issues the book includes both doctrinal and theoretical perspectives, and brings together leading equity scholars and judges from across the common law world.

Table Of Contents

1. Equity's Personal Monetary Remedies
Simone Degeling and Jason NE Varuhas
2. Disgorgement of Profit and Fiduciary Loyalty
Matthew Harding
3. Justice, Redress, and the Right to Do Wrong
Andrew S Gold
4. Equitable Compensation-An Overview
Julie Ward
5. An English Misturning with Equitable Compensation
James Edelman
6. Brickenden
Matthew Conaglen
7. Falsifying the Trust Account and Compensatory Equitable Compensation
James Penner
8. Causation in the Restoration of a Misapplied Trust Fund: Fundamental Norm or Red Herring?
Lusina Ho
9. Accounts of Profits and Third Parties
Jamie Glister
10. Monetary Remedies for Equitable Participatory Liability: General Principles and Current Questions
Pauline Ridge
11. Equitable Compensation for Equitable Estoppels
Jessica Hudson
12. Rudiments of the Equitable Remedy of Compensation for Breach of Confidence
PG Turner
13. Rescission, Restitution and Compensation
Elise Bant
14. Discretion and Equitable Compensation
Simone Degeling

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