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Ethical Challenges to Legal Education and Conduct

Editor(s): Kim Economides
Media of Ethical Challenges to Legal Education and Conduct
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Published: 01-07-1997
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 400
ISBN: 9781901362114
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Ethical Challenges to Legal Education and Conduct

The essays contained in this volume are all concerned with the future education and conduct of lawyers, in particular through the rediscovery and setting out of the ethical dimension of legal education. The major themes of the book are particularly crucial at this time. The importance of the moral dimension to legal thought and action and the possibility of incorporating ethics into the legal curriculum lend urgency to the search for new scholarship to support this effort. The public interest in raising the standard of lawyers' conduct through education rather than regulation makes it even more a matter of urgent concern. Ultimately, the book contributes to an understanding of the emerging economic, political, professional and adversarial structures of the profession which are likely to govern the development of ethical behaviour.

Table Of Contents


Legal Ethics – Three Challenges for the Next Millennium
Kim Economides


1. Law and Ethics in Classical Thought
Christopher Gill

2. Justice, Judgment and the Ethics of Alterity
Costas Douzinas

3. 'The Secret Courts of Men's Hearts' Legal Ethics and Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird
Tim Dare

4. Devils, Lawyers and Salvation Lie in the Details: Deontological Legal Ethics, Issue Conflicts of Interest and Civic Education in Law Schools
Robert E. Rosen

5. Can Legal Ethics Become a Matter of Academic Teaching? Critical Observations from a Late-Modern Perspective
Vittorio Olgiati


6. Why Canadian Law Schools Don't Teach Legal Ethics
Harry W. Arthurs

7. Lawyers Behaving Badly. Where Now in Legal Education for Acting Responsibly in Australia?
Andrew Goldsmith and Guy Powles

8. Recent Developments in the Teaching of Legal Ethics – A UK Perspective
Richard O'Dair

9. The Teaching of Legal Ethics . . . in the 'Tropiques'
Eliane B. Junqueira

10. Learning and Practising Law in the South Pacific – The Ethical Dimension
Richard Grimes

11. Teaching Professionalism: The Issues and the Antinomies
Thomas Morawetz


12. Lawyers' moral reasoning and professional conduct, in practice and in education
Leny de Groot-van Leeuwen

13. Feminist Perspectives on Legal Ethics
Deborah Rhode

14. Conduct, Ethics & Experience in Vocational Legal Education: Opportunities Missed
Julian Webb

15. The Politics of Decontextualised Knowledge: Bringing Context into Ethics Instruction in Law School
Robert Granfield

16 Educating Lawyers to be Ethical Advisors
Charles Sampford and Sophie Blencowe

17 Legal Ethics in Europe
Avrom Sherr


Ethical Challenges will be welcomed by those considering, designing and teaching courses in legal ethics and to all those more generally concerned with the development of the moral philosophy and culture of lawyers.” –  Emily Henderson, Cambridge Law Journal

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