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EU International Relations Law

By: Panos Koutrakos
Media of EU International Relations Law
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Published: 30-04-2015
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 568
ISBN: 9781782254898
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Modern Studies in European Law
RRP: £49.49
Online price : £39.59
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About EU International Relations Law

This new edition provides a definitive, comprehensive and systematic analysis of the law governing the EU's action in the world.

Updated to take into account the Lisbon Treaty and recent case law, the book covers all constitutional aspects of the EU's international action and the procedures for treaty-making. It analyses the relationship between the EU and its Members with emphasis on mixed agreements, and the status of international law in the EU legal order. It explores the links between the EU and international organisations (such as the WTO) and examines the EU's external economic and political relations and its various links with third countries, including its neighbours. It analyses, amongst others, the Common Commercial Policy, sanctions, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the Common Security and Defence Policy.

This new edition is the most up-to-date work of its kind, examining both the law and practice in a wide range of external policies, placing the law in its political and economic context and exploring the links between the EU's external and internal actions.

Table Of Contents

Part I: The Regulation of EU International Relations Law
1 The European Union in the World
2 Common Commercial Policy: History, Theory and Practice of Exclusivity
3 Implied Competence
Part II: The Management of EU International Relations Law
4 Decision-making in EU International Relations
5 International Commitments and the Management of Mixity
Part III: EU–International Law
6 The Status of International Law in the EU Legal Order
7 International Law and the Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice
8 Enforcement of International Law in the EU Legal Order
9 International Agreements Concluded by Member States Prior to their Membership of the European Union
Part IV: The Practice of EU International Relations Law
10 Substantive Trade Law
11 Links with Third Countries
Part V: Political Relations and Interactions Between Policies
12 Common Foreign and Security Policy
13 Common Security and Defence Policy
14 Links Between External Policies: Trade and Foreign Policy, Development and Defence


Review of First Edition
…this book surely deserves attention by a large public. It presents an accurate description of the law, combined with thoughtful and convincing analytical comments. Students, scholars and practitioners alike may benefit from careful reading.
” –  Frank Hoffmeister, Common Market Law Review

“Koutrakos is a recognized leading academic in the field of EU external relations law, and this second edition, updated to take account of the recent years' developments, further cements this status, making for a stirring read.” –  Graham Butler, European Public Law

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