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EU Law for UK Lawyers

By: Aidan O'Neill
Media of EU Law for UK Lawyers
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Published: 27-07-2011
Format: Hardback
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 1122
ISBN: 9781841130460
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
RRP: £90.00
Online price : £81.00
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About EU Law for UK Lawyers

This is the second edition of this wide-ranging survey of EU law. The new edition has been significantly enlarged. Unlike many other EU law books it takes full account not only of the Lisbon Treaty changes to the EU treaties, but also of the fact that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights now has the same legal value as the EU Treaties. It therefore not only covers the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, but also ties that case law into the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, because it is clear that EU law can only now properly be understood and applied against this background of European fundamental rights jurisprudence.

The book sets out very clearly the broad shape of the European Union's legal systems, while also giving the reader a good feel for the policy motivations in the Court of Justice of the European Union and the scope of EU legislative activity. Written in a lively and accessible style, it is an ideal guide for practitioners, whether those coming to the subject for the first time or those already with a background in EU law.

Among the additions and changes in this expanded edition the book includes new chapters on the EU and fundamental rights, on commercial agency, on criminal law and on private international law in the EU. It also contains a full treatment of EU equality law.

The first edition 'EC Law for UK Lawyers' by Aidan O'Neill and Jason Coppel (ISBN: 9780406024596) was published by Butterworths in 1994.

Table Of Contents

1 The European Legal Order
2 The Duties of National Courts Under EU Law
3 Preliminary References to the Court of Justice of the European Union
4 Direct Actions Before the EU Court
5 The Institutional Structure of the EU
6 The EU and Fundamental Rights
7 EU Agriculture and Fisheries Law
8 The Protection of Commercial Agents and the Recovery of Commercial Debts in EU Law
9 EU Competition Law
10 EU Consumer Protection Law
11 EU Criminal Law
12 EU Employment Protection Law
13 EU Environmental Protection and Planning Law
14 EU Equality Law
15 Free Movement of People, Immigration and Asylum in the EU
16 EU Freedom of Information and Data Protection
17 EU Intellectual Property Law
18 Private International Law of the EU
19 EU Public Procurement Law
20 Restrictions on Trade and EU Law
21 EU Taxation Law
22 EU Workplace Safety and Health Law


“This book achieves its purpose in accurately describing the impact that EU law has had on the UK legal order. Although, as the author himself acknowledges, it can not stand as a comprehensive account of EU law it is a great introduction to the field and an essential reference book for every practitioner in the UK.” –  Vasselos Frakos, The JUSTICE Journal

“For practitioners, the broad scope of the book will be invaluable...The real value of the book lies in its coverage of the UK perspective to the relevant EU provisions.” –  Malcolm Jarvis, European Law Review, Volume 37(5)

“Aidan O'Neill has written a comprehensive and substantial work giving an overall view of the application of European Union law at the national level and clearly aimed at the busy UK legal professional who needs an accessible and authoritative reference close to hand.

The book benefits considerably from Mr O'Neill's experience as a practitioner in both Scotland and England, not only with references to Scots case law in this area where appropriate, but also in his feel for some of the civil law concepts used by the European courts when interpreting and applying European law in specific areas.

Litigation practitioners in particular will find Mr O'Neill's analysis of the application of this overarching, principles based, case law at both European and UK level helpful in predicting how a court should approach an EU law question and what the likely range of possible outcomes for their clients might be.
The approach to each subject area is a practical one with a focus on the enforcement of EU law by EU and national authorities and the supervision of their activities and remedies available through the courts. Again, the background to the case law is given where relevant, so that the reader can fully understand the way in which EU law principles can be used.

This is a welcome addition to the practitioners' library and will also help give those with a more specialist view of EU law – competition lawyers for example – a helpful broader perspective over the general principles which apply equally in other fields of EU law.

” –  Vincent Smith, Law Society Gazette

“The author takes each discipline as a standalone chapter, but taken as a whole, demonstrates the full and daily impact of EU law. He does so with authority, lucidly describing the treaty base before moving to consider secondary EU legal instruments such as directives, concluding with implementation in the UK...This is a compelling text and at this price is worthy of being in all practices.” –  David J Dickinson, Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

“... O'Neil's epic journey through both well-travelled areas and dark corners of EU law is successful in its purpose: to provide the reader with the most authoritative reference book on EU law.

... O'Neil does well in establishing a niche in the market as the author of the most comprehensive English guide to EU law [which will be] a welcome addition to any law library

” –  Theodore Konstandinides, European Public Law, Volume 20, No.1

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