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Family Law

Processes, Practices, Pressures

Editor(s): John Dewar, Stephen Parker
Media of Family Law
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Published: 14-04-2003
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 604
ISBN: 9781847313256
Imprint: Hart Publishing
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Loren Epson

About Family Law

This volume contains an edited selection of the papers by contributors from around the world delivered at the 10th World Conference of the International Society of Family Law. The papers cover three broad themes: innovations in processes for resolving and determining family disputes; changing patterns in family and professional practices; and the political and other pressures operating on family law systems and law reform processes.

Table Of Contents

John Dewar and Stephen Parker

Part I: Processes

1 Children's Participation in the Family Justice System: Translating Principles into Practice
Nigel Lowe and Mervyn Murch

2 Children's Participation in Family Court Litigation
Richard Chisholm

3 Delivery Systems for Protective Services and Related Legal Services for Victims of Domestic Violence within a Major American State
Jane Muller-Peterson,Robert E Rains and Andrea C Jacobsen

4 Paternalism, Participation and Placation: Young People's Experiences of Representation in Child Protection Proceedings in England and Wales
Judith Masson

5 Issues in the Making of Ouster Orders under the Domestic Violence (Family Protection) Act 1989 (Qld)
Rachael Field, Belinda Carpenter and Susan Currie

6 The South African Family Court: A First World Ideal in a Second World Country
Sandra Burman, Emma Dingle and Nichola Glasser

7 Establishing Paternity in Judicial Proceedings in Spain: What Protection for Human Rights?
Encarna Roca and Isabel Miralles

8 Suing Child Welfare Agencies: A Comparative View from New Zealand
Bill Atkin and Geoff McLay

9 Adoption-a Public or Private Legal Process? The Changing Social Functions of Adoption in Ireland and the Wider
Implications for Coherence in Family Law
Kerry O'Halloran

Part II: Practices

10 Children and the Transformation of Family Law
Carol Smart

11 In Search of the 'Good Father': Law, Family Practices and the Normative Reconstruction of Parenthood
Richard Collier

12 Different Approaches to Post-Divorce Family Relationships: The Example of Contact Centres in France
Benoit Bastard

13 Legal and Educational Interventions for Families in
Residence and Contact Disputes
Joan B Kelly

14 Agents or Dependants: Children and the Family Law System
Pauline Tapp, Nicola Taylor and Mark Henaghan

15 The Reconstituted Family in Italian Law and Society
Valeria Mazzotta

16 Child-Centred, Vertically Structured and Interdisciplinary: An Integrative Approach to Children's Policy, Practice and Research
Annie G Steinberg, Barbara Bennett Woodhouse and Alyssa Burrell Cowan

17 Children's Rights and the Use of Force 'in Their Own Best Interests'
Jane Fortin

18 The Lawyer–Client Relationship in Family Law: Does Client Funding Status Make a Difference?
Rosemary Hunter

19 The Distribution of Stock Options on Divorce and Proposed Changes in American Divorce Law
David S Rosettenstein

20 Registered Partnership in The Netherlands
Gregor Van Der Burght

21 A Comparative Study of the Transfer of Family Wealth: From Privilege to Equality
Maria Donata Panforti

22 The Constitutional Dimension of Customary Family Law in Papua New Guinea
Owen Jessep

Part III: Pressures

23 Law Reform by Frozen Chook: Family Law Reform for the New Millennium?
Reg Graycar

24 Can International Conventions Drive Domestic Law Reform? The Case of Physical Punishment of Children
Elaine E Sutherland

25 Emancipation of the African Woman: Fact or Fallacy?
Elmarie Knoetze

26 The State, Race, Religion and the Family in England Today
Michael Freeman

27 Men and Women Behaving Badly: Is Fault Dead in English Family Law?
Andrew Bainham

28 Macro Social and Economic Factors in Society which Influence the Success of Financial Rearrangements on Divorce
Alastair Bissett-Johnson

29 De Facto Property Developments in New Zealand:
Pressures Impeded Progress
Bill Atkin and Wendy Parker

30 Politics, Processes and Pressures of Legislating for Children in South Africa
Julia Sloth-Nielsen and Belinda Van Heerden

31 The Introduction and Impact of Joint Custody in Portugal
Maria Clara Sottomayor


“The collection provides an informative discussion of the issues shaping family law.” –  ChildRIGHT

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