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Getting a PhD in Law

By: Caroline Morris, Cian C Murphy
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Published: 01-09-2011
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 160
ISBN: 9781841133065
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £24.99
Online price : £17.49
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About Getting a PhD in Law

Getting a PhD in Law is a unique guide to obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Law in the UK. While there is a wide range of study guides for PhD students in the social sciences and other science-based disciplines,
there is very little information available on the process of obtaining a PhD in law. Research degrees in law share some attributes with those in related disciplines such as the humanities and social sciences. However, legal methodology and the place of the PhD in law in the young lawyer's career create unique challenges that have not been addressed by existing guides. Getting a
PhD in Law fills this clear gap in the market, providing an accessible guide to the PhD process from topic selection to thesis publication. This readable and informative guide draws on interviews and case studies with PhD students, supervisors and examiners. Getting a PhD in Law will be essential reading for the growing numbers of PhD students in the UK's many law schools-and those internationally who wish to learn from UK best practice.

Table Of Contents

1. Why Do a PhD in Law?
2. Preparing for the PhD
3. Legal Research Methodologies
4. Researching an Original Thesis
5. Supervision
6. PhD Problems
7. Writing-up
8. Examining the PhD
9. Publishing Your Work
10. Building A Career


“...will be useful for the growing numbers of PhD students in UK law schools, particularly those who may be coming to study in the UK for the first time. Those considering whether the PhD is right for them will undoubtedly benefit from the book's clear and pragmatic approach, but many topics (for example, writing up and the viva and beginning to build an academic career) will be relevant to those currently in the throes of doctoral study.

...a concise and easy to read introduction [which] certainly fulfils its stated objective of providing an accessible and readable guide to the UK doctoral degree.

” –  Bonnie Holigan, Edinburgh Student Law Review Volume 2, Issue 1

“[The book was] extremely helpful in being awarded the PhD studentship, especially the section about methodology about which I was asked and without the book I would not have been able to answer, so thank you very much, I would definitely recommend your book.” –  Sarah Cunningham PhD Student, Lincoln University,

“I...was immensely pleased to see a new publication from Hart Publishing called Getting a PhD in Law by Caroline Morris and Cian Murphy. I believe it is the first of its kind and has been an enjoyable read...It provides practical guidance in an easy to read format. In its Introductory chapter it explains the nature and value of a PhD in law and why a PhD in Law is different to those taken in other disciplines. It makes sense and puts everything that I have thought into perspective.” –  Christopher Hull,

“...a very fine guide to doctoral studies in law [which] answers many questions and provides much invaluable advice. I don't think a doctoral student should be without it.” –  William A. Schabas, PhD Studies in Human Rights Blog

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