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Guidebook to Intellectual Property

By: Robin Jacob, Daniel Alexander, Matthew Fisher
Media of Guidebook to Intellectual Property
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Published: 18-07-2014
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 6th
Extent: 270
ISBN: 9781782252269
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £24.29
Online price : £14.57
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About Guidebook to Intellectual Property

This is a unique book about Intellectual Property. It is aimed not only at law students studying the subject but also at interested users of IP - business people, inventors, scientists, designers and the like. It provides an outline of the basic legal principles which underpin and reguilate the subject, educatuing the reader as to the shape of the law. However, critically, it also gives insight into how the system actually works. You cannot understand chess by merely learning the rules - you also have to know how the game is played: so too with Intellectual Property.

To achieve its object the authors deliberately avoid technicalities: keeping things simple, yet direct. There are no footnotes to distract. Although cases are, inevitably, referred to, they are explained in a pithy, accessible manner. The authors try wherever possible to be both serious and light-hearted at the same time.

All major areas of IP - patents, trade marks, copyright and designs - are covered, along with briefer treatment of other rights and subjects such as breach of confidence, plant varieties and databases.

A novice reader of this book should come away both with a clear outline of IP law and a feeling for how it works. Students will be able to put their more detailed study into perspective. Users will be able to understand better how IP affects them and their businesses.

Table Of Contents

Part I Introduction
1 Imitation, Monopoly and Control
2 Courts, Remedies and Legal Actions
3 Patent, Copyright or Design?
Part II Protecting the Product
4 Patents and How to Get Them
5 Important Inventions
6 More About Patents
7 Industrial Designs
Part III Trade Marks, Passing-Off and Unfair Competition
8 Trade Marks and Passing-Off
9 Trade Mark Registration
10 Trade Mark Infringement
11 Exceptions to Trade Mark Infringement
12 Removal from the Register– Revocation and Invalidity
13 Community Marks, International Registration of Marks and Well-Known Marks
14 Collective and Certification Mars
15 Passing-Off
16 Malicious Falsehood
Part IV Copyright and Related Rights
17 Introduction to Copyright
18 Works the Subject of Copyright
19 Ownership of Copyright
20 What is Infringement of Copyright?
21 What is not Infringement?
22 Dealings in Copyright
23 Moral and Other Related Rights

Part V Miscellaneous Matters
24 The Criminal Law
25 Confidence and Privacy
26 Database Right
27 The European Community – Free Movement and Competition
28 Some Aspects of the International Law of Intellectual Property


“... both accessible and user-friendly. Despite its brevity, especially when compared with the corresponding introductory texts in each respective IP field, the substantive quality of its content is not compromised. It is likely to be of use to brand owners, designers and inventors, as well as students and IP practitioners, given its avoidance of unnecessary technical jargon, which, as can be appreciated, can act as a deterrent to would-be dabblers in IP law. In summary, the authors have compiled a complete, as well as manageable, guide to the basics of IP law.” –  Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys Review

“This book is a classic. If such an epithet can be applied to an IP law book...its style and content remain invaluable.” –  Simon Stokes, Entertainment Law Review, Volume 25, Issue 6

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