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Hepple and Matthews' Tort Law

Cases and Materials

By: David Howarth, Martin Matthews, Jonathan Morgan, Janet O'Sullivan, Stelios Tofaris Associate editor: Bob Hepple
Media of Hepple and Matthews' Tort Law
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Published: 07-01-2016
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 7th
Extent: 1056
ISBN: 9781782255093
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £53.99
Online price : £43.19
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About Hepple and Matthews' Tort Law

New to Hart Publishing, this is the seventh edition of the classic casebook on tort, the first of its kind in the UK, and for many years now a bestselling and very popular text for students. This new edition retains all the features that have made it such a popular and respected text, with extensive commentary, questions and notes supplementing the selection of cases and statutes which form the core of the book. Taking a broadly contextual approach, the book addresses all the main topics in tort law, is up-to-date, doctrinally sound, stimulating and highly readable.

Table Of Contents

Introduction 1
PART ONE: Principles and policy of negligence
1. An action for damages in perspective
1 The Bradford football fire
2 Points for discussion
3 Civil Justice Reforms and Funding of Civil Actions
2. The duty of care
1 General Principles
2 Pure Omissions
3 Proximity and Failure to Prevent Harm
3. Duty of care: special problems
1 Liability of Public Authorities
2 Psychiatric Harm
3 Wrongful Conception, Wrongful Birth, and the Unborn Child
4. Pure economic loss
1 The Origins of the Rule against the Recovery of Negligently Caused Economic Loss
2 What Is Pure Economic Loss?
3 The Hedley Byrne Exception
4 The Basis and Development of the Hedley Byrne Exception
5 The Measure of Damages under Hedley Byrne: The 'Scope' of the Duty
5. Breach of duty
1 The Reasonable Person
2 Application of the Standard of Care
3 Aids in Discharging the Burden of Proof
6. Causation and Remoteness of Damage
1 Factual Causation
2 Selection among Operative Factual Causes
3 Foreseeability of the Kind of Damage
4 Development of The Wagon Mound Doctrine
7. Defences : contributory negligence , volenti non fit injuria , exclusion of liability, and
illegality and public policy
1 Contributory Negligence
2 Volenti non fit injuria
3 Exclusion of Liability
4 Illegality and Public Policy
8. Assessment of damages
1 The Aims of an Award of Damages
2 Personal Injuries
3 Property Damage
1 Occupiers' Liability
2 Non-occupiers' Liability for Premises
10. Product Liability
1 Negligence
2 Statutory Liability
11. Liability for animals
12. Breach of Statutory Duty
1 Express Creation of New Torts
2 Express Exclusion of Civil Remedy
3 Creation of New Torts by Judicial Interpretation of Statutes
4 The Scope of Protection
5 The 'Eurotort'
6 A Note on Health and Safety Legislation
13. Intentional Interference with the Person
1 Trespass, Intention, and Negligence
2 Assault and Battery
3 False Imprisonment
4 The 'Tort in Wilkinson v Downton' and Harassment
5 Defences
14. Interference with Land
1 Trespass to Land
2 Public Nuisance
3 Private Nuisance
4 Escape of Dangerous Things from Land
5 Fire
15. Intentional economic torts
1 Conspiracy
2 Inducing Breach of Contract
3 Causing Loss by Unlawful Means-the 'Unlawful Means Tort'
4 The Tort of Deceit
16. Interests in Reputation -Defamation
1 Defamation and Freedom of Expression
2 Who Can Sue? 975
3 Words or Matter Defamatory of the Claimant
4 The Distinction between Defamation and Malicious Falsehoods
5 Publication
6 Defences
7 Remedies
8 The Distinction between Libel and Slander
17. Invasion of Privacy
PART THREE: Loss Distribution
18. Vicarious Liability
1 Justification for Vicarious Liability
2 Relationship of Employer and Employee
3 Relationships beyond Employment
4 Connection between the Relationship of the Tortfeasor and the Defendant and the Act of the Tortfeasor
5 Liability for Independent Contractors
6 Employer's Liability to Employees
19. Joint Liability
1 Joint Tortfeasance
2 Contribution between Tortfeasors
20. Insurance and Compensation
1 The Relationship between Insurance and Tort Liability
2 Compulsory Insurance Provisions
3 Motor Insurers' Bureau
4 The Settlement Process
5 Other Compensation Systems
6 The Future of Compensation
Further Reading


Review of the previous edition:

An extremely accessible, useful and impressive collection of cases and materials.
” –  unknown, Student Law Journal

Review of the previous edition:

The extracts are expertly chosen and provide the necessary information without being too brief. The text, whilst being accessible, is also thought-provoking with a number of excellent questions posed at the end of extracts allowing the reader to consider an issue's wider implications.
” –  unknown, Student Law Journal

Review of the previous edition:

I have no hesitation in recommending Hepple & Matthews' Tort: Cases and Materials to anyone interested in or studying this intriguing area of law. Its advantages are two-fold: it is written in an extremely accessible and clear way and, at the same time, encourages the reader to undertake independent research and thought.
” –  unknown, Student Law Journal

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