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Human Rights, Equality and Democratic Renewal in Northern Ireland

Editor(s): Colin Harvey
Media of Human Rights, Equality and Democratic Renewal in Northern Ireland
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Published: 26-03-2001
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 336
ISBN: 9781841131191
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Human Rights, Equality and Democratic Renewal in Northern Ireland

Recent developments in Northern Ireland have correctly been described as historic. While the future of constitutional change is by no means certain,events merit close scrutiny. The Good Friday Agreement 1998 marked a significant departure from incrementalism and thus with the dominant logic of British constitutionalism. The Agreement is in essence a constitutional promise anchored in clear normative principles. Although several aspects of the Agreement are in operation there is no guarantee that this new form of constitutionalism will work. However, the foundations of the settlement are clear. The building blocks reflect a strong commitment to human rights, equality and democratic renewal which encompasses a multiplicity of overlapping relationships. This book examines several key aspects of this complex picture. Developments in Northern Ireland have attracted a large measure of international interest. Reflecting this the contributors demonstrate the links to current controversies in constitutional and human rights law scholarship. At a time when there is much consideration of constitutional change in the UK and beyond, the intention is to offer a collection that both describes the changing legal and political landscape in Northern Ireland and one which provides a significant contribution to current debates on constitutionalism.

Table Of Contents

1. Northern Ireland in Transition: An Introduction
Colin J Harvey

2. The New Beginning: Reconstructing Constitutional Law and Democracy in Northern Ireland
Colin J Harvey

3. Northern Ireland, Devolution and the European Union
Gordon Anthony and Andrew Evans

4. Equality
Christopher McCrudden

5. Building a Human Rights Culture in a Political Democracy: The Role of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Colin J Harvey

6. And Justice for All? The Judiciary and the Legal Profession in Transition
Stephen Livingstone

7. Shaping the Future of Criminal Justice
John Jackson

8. A New Beginning for Policing in Northern Ireland?
Linda Moore and Mary O'Rawe

9. Human Rights, Humanitarian Interventions and Paramilitary Activities in Northern Ireland
Kieran McEvoy

10. Democracy, Governance and Governmentality: The Role of the Voluntary Sector in the Democratic Renewal of Northern Ireland
John Morison


“I thought that my eagerness in reviewing the book was rewarded - well rewarded, even - and it increased the further I read.” –  Craig R. Ducat, The Law and Politics Book Review

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