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Institutionalised International Law

By: Matthias Ruffert, Christian Walter
Media of Institutionalised International Law
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Published: 08-01-2015
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 250
ISBN: 9781849464949
Imprint: Beck/Hart
RRP : £120.00

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Loren Epson

About Institutionalised International Law

This textbook, first published in German, explains and analyses not only the structures of international organisations in general, but also focuses on the interplay between the creation of institutional structures and important substantive areas of public international law. In the first and second parts of the book the general aspects of the law of international organisations are surveyed, and in the third part international security, human rights protection, trade, development and environmental protection are analysed in terms of the interplay between substantive and institutional law. This third part is built on the assumption that the law of international organisations needs to be studied 'in action', ie by looking at highly institutionalised areas of international law as a way of analysing the mutual influences between institutional and substantive international law.

This is the first book on international law to bring together institutional and substantive aspects in this comparable manner. It is aimed at students of the law of international organisations, the social sciences and political science and practitioners in the field of international institutions.

Table Of Contents

1 Concept and Theory of International Organisations
2 History of International Organisations
3 International Organisations within the Constitution of the International Community
4 Treaty Basis, Creation, Extinction, and Succession
5 Legal Personality
6 The Doctrine of Powers
7 Responsibility and Liability
8 Membership
9 Organs and Decision Making
10 Finance and Personnel
11 Peace and Security
12 The Institutional Organisation of International Human Rights Protection
13 Economy and Development
14 Environment
15 Perspectives


“The book's focus on the interrelationship between substantive areas of Public International Law and institutional structures provides an invaluable contribution to the discourse ... [The book will be] of vital interest to students, scholars, and practitioners of other disciplines. Arguably most prominently to the social sciences and political sciences as well as to everyone with an interest in the law and workings of international organisations.” –  Laura Hofmann, Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict

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