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Insurance Law

Doctrines and Principles

By: John Lowry, P J Rawlings, Robert Merkin
Media of Insurance Law
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Published: 01-09-2011
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 3rd
Extent: 618
ISBN: 9781847317698
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £49.49
Online price : £39.59
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About Insurance Law

The third edition of Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles follows the widely acclaimed first and second editions. It provides a detailed examination of the developing law of insurance, combining exposition of the law with critical analysis. The book is designed with the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students in mind. The text is enhanced by extensive citations to case law and academic commentaries, making the book ideal for students, scholars and practitioners alike.

This new edition reflects the many changes that have occurred in the law of insurance since the second edition was published in 2005. The book is divided into two parts. Part I considers the regulation of insurance business and the general principles underlying the law of insurance contracts. Part II examines the way in which these principles are shaped by the particular insurance context in which they operate. The book is readable and authoritative, with a sound grasp of the realities of insurance practice; it is well sourced and generous with supplementary points.

'Lowry & Rawlings is a welcome addition to the ranks of insurance law textbooks and a serious contender for the student readership in this field.'
Nicholas Legh-Jones QC, Lloyds Maritime Commercial Law Quarterly

'I recommend the book for undergraduate use, and as a starting point for postgraduate use. The book is well written and full of clear explanations of a difficult field of the law.'
Neil Campbell, Law Quarterly Review

'...can be warmly recommended for purchase or use by lecturers and students in the subject.'
Dennis Dowding, The Law Teacher

'...a very useful text on insurance law ... an eminently readable, good and critical book. It is clearly of the highest calibre.'
Reuben Hasson, Canadian Business Law Journal

Table Of Contents

1 The Insurance Contract
2 Regulation of Insurance Business
3 Insurance Intermediaries
4 Utmost Good Faith: The Duty to Make a Fair Presentation
5 Formation of the Insurance Contract
6 Insurable Interest and the Doctrine of Privity of Contract
7 The Terms of the Insurance Contract
8 Construing the Terms of the Insurance Contract
9 Causation
10 Claims Procedure, Measurement of Loss and Reinstatement
11 Subrogation
13 Motor Insurance
14 Liability Insurance
15 Fire and other Property Insurance and Accident Insurance
16 Marine Insurance
17 Reinsurance

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