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Intellectual Property Law and Policy Volume 12

Editor(s): Hugh Hansen
Media of Intellectual Property Law and Policy Volume 12
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Published: 22-05-2013
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 754
ISBN: 9781849460576
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Fordham Intellectual Property Law and Policy Annual
RRP : £160.00

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About Intellectual Property Law and Policy Volume 12

This is the 17th Annual volume in the series collecting the presentations and discussion from the Annual Fordham IP Conference. The contributions, by leading world experts, analyse the most pressing issues in copyright, trademark and patent law as seen from the perspectives of the USA, the EU, Asia and WIPO. This volume, in common with its predecessors, makes a valuable and lasting contribution to the discourse in IP law, as well as trade and competition law. The contents, while always informative, are also critical and questioning of new developments and policy concerns.

Praise for the series:

"This must be one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking conferences in the IP field. The high quality of the speakers is matched by the intense, audience-led debates and challenges which follow."
The Honourable Mr Justice Laddie, Royal Courts of Justice, London

"Faculty for this conference are always well-known 'names', well respected leaders in their fields, speaking with a combination of candor and timeliness that is unrivaled by any other forum of its kind."
Honorable Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, United States Copyright Office.

Table Of Contents

I. IP Policy and The European Union
II. The Judiciary and IP Policy
Part A: Europe
Part B: United States
III. Corporations & IP: General Counsel Roundtable
IV. Patent Law
Part A: An Overview of U.S. Patent Law Developments
Part B: Patent Law Developments in Japan
Part C: Cross-Border Patent Infringement: A Comparative Analysis
Part D: Work Sharing: Patent Offices: IP5 Group (Consisting of USPTO, JPO, SIPO, KIPO and EPO) Strategy for Work Sharing and Related Foundation Projects
Part E: Obviousness/Inventive Step
Part F: Subject Matter: "Intangible" Patents-Business Methods, Software, "Soft"
Patents, Second Medical Uses
Part G: The Interface Between Biotech & IP: When Does Discovery Become an Invention?
Donald Pfaff & Sandra Sherman, "A Scientist's View of the Timing of Applications for Patents"
Part H: Injunctive Relief: A Comparative Analysis
Part I: A New "Fair Use" Doctrine for Patents?
Part J: Acquisition of Evidence & Expert Witnesses: Comparative Damages
Part K: Monetization of Patent and Other IP Rights
V. Copyright Law
Part A: Infringement & Remedies (ISP Participation; Temporary Reproduction (Cablevision case), Making Available Right, Data Privacy)
Part B: Information Society Directive, Secondary Liability, DRM, Private Copy
Levies, & Copyright Territoriality
Part C: Rethinking Exceptions and Limitations: To What Extent Is Re-evaluation Warranted? Permitted Under Treaties? Realistic? What Effect, If Any, Will the Google Book Settlement Have on Present Norms for Exceptions and Limitations?
Part D: Music Distribution, Collecting Societies; DG Comp CISAC Inquiry
Part E: Creativity and the Internet: Are We Building a Sustainable Ecosystem?
VI. Trademark Law
Part A: EU Trademark Law Developments Dev Gangjee , Non-Conventional Trademarks: The Shape of Things to Come
Part B: Dilution Actions: Dying or Growth Industry?
Part C: Trademarks and the Internet: "Use," E-Commerce, Ad Words, eBay, UDRP, ICANN, and new Registrars
Part D: Right of Publicity/Privacy: Comparative Developments
Part E: Industrial Designs, Fashion, Ornamental Patents
Part F: Trademarks & Free Speech
VII. Trade Law
Part A: Multilateral and Bilateral Relations
Part B: Enforcement and Counterfeiting: IP's Drug War: Can it Be Won? What is the Enforcement Role for WIPO? ACTA: What is it and What Should Be its Role?
Part C: Trade Policy and IP Rights: The Road Ahead; Development Agenda
Part D: United States v. China in the WTO
VIII. Competition Law
Part A: United States and Antitrust; FTC Agenda; Patent Misuse & Antitrust
Part B: DG Comp Pharma Inquiry: The Implications for Innovation David Rosenberg, "The DG Comp PHARMA Inquiry: A View from the Research-based Industry"
Part C: Policy Interplay Between IP Rights and Antitrust/Competition Law: How Do We Get It Right?
Part D: Standard Setting


“... an informative and elucidating read for any intellectual property practitioner.” –  Sharon Givoni and Kirelee Middleton, Law Society of Victoria Magazine

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