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International Investment Law

Reconciling Policy and Principle

By: Surya P Subedi
Media of International Investment Law
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Published: 05-05-2016
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 344
ISBN: 9781509903030
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £45.34
Online price : £40.81
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About International Investment Law

The third edition of this acclaimed scholarly book offers an up-to-date, critical overview of the law of foreign investment, incorporating a thorough and succinct analysis of the principles and standards of treatment available to foreign investors in international law. It is authoritative and multilayered, offering an analysis of the key issues and an insightful assessment of recent trends in the case law, from both developed and developing country perspectives. A major feature of the book is that it deals with the tension between the law of foreign investment and other competing principles of international law. In doing so, it proposes ways of achieving a balance between these principles and the need to protect the legitimate rights and expectations of foreign investors on the one hand, and the need not to restrict unduly the right of host governments to implement their public policy, including the protection of the environment and human rights, and the promotion of social and economic justice within the host country, on the other.

Table Of Contents

1. International Investment Law in a Changing World
2. Evolution of International Investment Law
3. International Efforts to Regulate Foreign Investment
4. Protection of Foreign Investment in Customary International Law
5. Protection of Foreign Investment Through Bilateral Investment Treaties
6. Fleshing Out the Principles Through Jurisprudence
7. Current Issues in International Investment Law
8. Addressing Current Challenges in International Investment Law
Concluding Observations


“...this book stands out from many of the others currently addressing the topic of international investment law - it goes beyond stating what the law is and focuses on controversies occurring within this area of the law...International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principle does make a valuable contribution to the discourse on the implications of foreign investment protection rules for domestic policy space and on their interaction with principles from other areas of international law, such as human rights law or international environmental law. It will also serve as an excellent introduction to this complex area of international law for newcomers to the subject, whether legal scholars, policy-makers, or students.” –  Kate Miles, Australian International Law Journal

“…a timely book. In a modest 244 pages, the author brings together a host of important substantive and procedural issues which beset the effective and balanced functioning of international law on foreign investment. Without denying the positive role of international law in advancing the protection of foreign investment, the author offers a vision of how the promotion of investment can be reconciled with competing policies. The extensive coverage of the book explains its dispensation with details of investment cases, which can be found elsewhere. With its focus, critical approach, brevity, and incisive argument, the book will provide an excellent source of reference for advanced students, academics, and practitioners.” –  Mavluda Sattorova, European Journal of International Law

“This book presents a highly useful overview of the development and content of international investment law. The author traces the development of this field of law in a very readable style...this is a work that brings together and provides the reader with a complete view of the development of this field.” –  International Business Law Review

“As a result of its immense detail and unique examination of themes in international investment law, AIA recommends Subedi's “International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principal” as a thorough and engaging book.” –  Adam Miller, Association for International Arbitration Newsletter

“Subedi offers an insightful account of the development of international investment law against the evolving backdrop of the customary rules and principles relevant to the treatment of aliens and their property. He aptly explores key issues being faced by the future development of this recently unfolding discipline.” –  Alejandro Escobar, Global Arbitration Review

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