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International Law

Modern Feminist Approaches; With a Foreword by Mary Robinson

Editor(s): Doris E Buss, Ambreena Manji
Media of International Law
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Published: 10-06-2005
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 315
ISBN: 9781841134277
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £37.99
Online price : £34.19
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Loren Epson

About International Law

Feminist scholars and activists have turned their attention to international law with apparently dramatic results. The impact of feminist engagement is felt in diverse areas from human rights to environmental law. But what do these successes signal for the future? How open is international law to feminist enquiry? What does it mean to do feminist theory in international law? What lessons have we learned from engaging with international law,and what directions do we still need to explore?

International Law: Modern Feminist Approaches brings together feminist scholars from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, the United States and United Kingdom. Drawing on diverse theoretical approaches, the chapters explore the directions and tensions in feminist engagement with various areas of international law from human rights, trade and development, and gender mainstreaming, to humanitarian intervention, environmental and humanitarian law.

Table Of Contents

1 Feminist Approaches to International Law: Reflections From Another
Century Hilary Charlesworth,Christine Chinkin and Shelley Wright
2 International Human Rights and Feminisms: When Discourses Keep
Meeting Karen Engle
3 Feminism Here and Feminism There: Law, Theory and Choice
Therese Murphy
4 'Austerlitz' and International Law: A Feminist Reading at the
Boundaries Doris Buss
5 Disconcerting 'Masculinities': Reinventing the Subject of International
Human Rights Dianne Otto
6 The 'Unforgiven' Sources of International Law: Nation-Building,
Violence and Gender in the West(ern)
Ruth Buchanan and Rebecca Johnson
7 'The Beautyful Ones' of Law and Development
Ambreena Manji
8 Feminist Perspectives on International Economic Law
Fiona Beveridge
9 Transcending the Conquest of Nature and Women: A Feminist
Perspective on International Environmental Law
Annie Rochette
10 The United Nations and Gender Mainstreaming: Limits and
Sari Kuovo
11 Women's Rights and the Organization of African Unity and African
Union: The Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
Rachel Murray
12 Sex Violence, International Law and Restorative Justice
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic


“…stimulating feminist analyses of the international legal order…A well-written and forward-moving piece of scholarship.” –  Nicole LaViolette, Social and Legal Studies, volume 16(1)

“…provides the reader with a valuable analysis of feminist international law…helps the reader to reflect not only on where the discipline of feminist international law has arrived today, through a process of deepening and widening, but also on where it should go in the future.” –  Christa Tobler, Netherlands International Law Review

“This important collection succeeds in its aim of offering a 'snap-shot' of modern feminist approaches to international law, and would be useful to both students and scholars in this area…an excellent introduction to feminist analyses of international law for those new to this field.” –  Kirsten Campbell, Feminist Legal Studies

“Unlike many other collections of readings, this one cannot be critized for a lack of theoretical or conceptual coherence … What follows is what is promised - stimulating feminist analyses of the international legal order…Buss and Manji have asembled an impressive group of academics to produce a well-written and forward-moving piece of scholarship…the essays take the reader on a wide-ranging tour of international feminist scholarship… This is a well-edited collection, with all contributions being of consistent quality in terms of substance, research and form.” –  Nicole LaVialette, The Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, vol 24(2),

“...the book succeeds in opening a much-needed conversation among international legal feminists about where we've been and where we're going, and most importantly, how we might reinvent the strategies for getting there.” –  Treva Braun, African Journal of International and Comparative Law

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