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Labour Laws and Global Trade

By: Bob Hepple
Media of Labour Laws and Global Trade
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Published: 25-03-2005
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 328
ISBN: 9781841131870
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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About Labour Laws and Global Trade

The focus of globalisation studies is on how global processes can be better regulated in order to deliver both economic growth and social justice. Labour laws provide an excellent case study of the creation of a new framework to reconcile free trade and investment with social objectives.

This book,written by a leading authority on international and comparative labour law, provides a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the new methods of transnational labour regulation that are emerging in response to globalisation. The author reassesses orthodox views, from the viewpoint of a theory of comparative institutional advantage, and suggests ways in which transnational regulation can be re-invented in the new global economy

This will be of interest to students of law, human rights, industrial relations, globalisation, international trade and development, as well as policy-makers in international and regional organisations, governments, employers' bodies, trade unions and NGOs.

Table Of Contents

1. Does Transnational Labour Regulation Matter? 2. The Effectiveness of International Labour Standards. 3. Privatising Regulation: Codes,Agreements and Guidelines. 4. Unilateral Social Clauses. 5. Social Clauses in Bilateral and Regional Agreements. 6. The WTO and Social Clauses. 7. Labour Laws Beyond Borders. 8.Negative and Positive Harmonisation in the EU. 9. New Methods of Integration in the EU. 10. The Comparative Advantages of Labour Laws.


“…a considered and complex assessment…a thoughtful analysis of the lessons which can be drawn on and provides an insight into the way forward.” –  Naomi Cervin, New Zealand Law Journal

“...introduces the reader to the primary sources and to the vast critical literature, and converts a daunting subject into an accessible one. This book is essential reading for anyone-academic, student, policy maker or activist-concerned with issues of labour law and globalisation.” –  A.C.L. Davies, Industrial Relations Journal, Vol 37, Issue 3

“ encyclopedic work that is well written and readable…a must-read for the international labour lawyer..” –  Reagan Walker, International Trade Law and Regulation, Vol 12, Issue 2

“…likely to be a seminal text with a long shelf life, which will shape the thinking of a new generation of labour lawyers.” –  K.D. Ewing, King's College, London, Industrial Law Journal

“Le lecteur ne manquera pas de tirer profit de toute l'expérience acquise par l'auteur dans les diverses institutions qu'il a servies. Il trouvera ici les analyses pénétrantes, les critiques pertinentes et les prises de position lucides qui lui permettront de mieux comprendre le droit du travail de demain.” –  Xavier Blanc-Jouvan, Extrait de la Revue Internationale de Droit Comparé

“ absolute pleasure to read..It truly deserves a prominent place in the library of any serious international labour lawyer, and more generally, of anyone who earnestly wishes to contribute to making today's unfolding transnational world a better place to live -for all.” –  Jean-Michel Servais, International Labour Review, vol.144

“…Hepple's 'Labour Laws and Global Trade' provides the most comprehensive map of transnational regulation produced to date…” –  David M. Trubeck, The American Journal of International Law, Vol 100

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