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Law and Social Theory

Editor(s): Reza Banakar, Max Travers
Media of Law and Social Theory
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Published: 18-07-2014
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 384
ISBN: 9781509942190
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP : £30.59

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Loren Epson

About Law and Social Theory

There is a growing interest within law schools in the intersections between law and different areas of social theory. The second edition of this popular text introduces a wide range of traditions in sociology and the humanities that offer provocative, contextual views on law and legal institutions.

The book is organised into six sections, each with an introduction by the editors, on classical sociology of law, systems theory, critical approaches, law in action, postmodernism, and law in global society. Each chapter is written by a specialist who reviews the literature, and discusses how the approach can be used in researching different topics. New chapters include authoritative reviews of actor network theory, new legal realism, critical race theory, post-colonial theories of law, and the sociology of the legal profession. Over half the chapters are new, and the rest are revised in order to include discussion of recent literature.

Table Of Contents

Reza Banakar and Max Travers
Section 1: Classical Sociology of Law
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
1 The Problematisation of Law in Classical Social Theory
Alan Hunt
2 Sociological Jurisprudence
A Javier Trevino
Section 2: Systems Theory
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
3 The Radical Sociology of Niklas Luhmann
Michael King
4 The Legal Theory of Jürgen Habermas: Between the Philosophy and the Sociology of Law
Mathieu Defl em
Section 3: Critical Approaches
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
5 Marxism and the Social Theory of Law
Robert Fine
6 Pierre Bourdieu's Sociology of Law: From the Genesis of the State to the Globalisation of Law
Mikael Rask Madsen and Yves Dezalay
7 Feminist Legal Theory
Harriet Samuels
8 Critical Race Theory
Angela P Harris
Section 4: Law in Action
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
9 Interpretive Sociologists and Law
Max Travers
10 Bruno Latour's Legal Anthropology
Frédéric Audren and Cédric Moreau de Bellaing
11 New Legal Realism and the Empirical Turn in Law
Stewart Macaulay and Elizabeth Mertz
Section 5: Postmodernism
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
12 Foucault and Law
Gary Wickham
13 Law and Postmodernism
Shaun McVeigh
14 Postcolonial Theories of Law
Eve Darian-Smith
Section 6: Law in a Global Society
Introduction by Reza Banakar and Max Travers
15 Reviewing Legal Pluralism
Anne Griffiths
16 Globalisation and Law: Law Beyond the State
Ralf Michaels
17 Law and Regulation in Late Modernity
Reza Banakar
18 Studies of the Legal Profession
Ole Hammerslev
19 Comparative Sociology of Law
David Nelken

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