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Law and the Internet

Editor(s): Lilian Edwards, Charlotte Waelde
Media of Law and the Internet
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Published: 10-09-2009
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 3rd
Extent: 708
ISBN: 9781847317124
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £40.49
Online price : £32.39
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About Law and the Internet

This is the third edition of a successful book which offers students and practitioners an up-to-date overview of developments in Internet law and practice. The editors have once again assembled a team of specialist authors to write about those aspects of Internet law which are of special importance in the global regulation of the Internet and focussed around three principal themes- e-commerce, intellectual property, and privacy, data protection and cyber-crime with, in addition a major contribution on Internet Governance. This edition incorporates for the first time areas such as data protection, privacy and electronic surveillance, cyber crime and cyber security, jurisdiction and dispute resolution online. The sectionon IP contains clear and comprehensive analysis of the many and varied ways in which IP and the internet intersect including open source licenses and the IP problems around search engines. The new edition also takes account of all current cases and legislation, including the draft revised EC Telecoms Package and the Audio Visual Media Services Directive.

This book will be essential reading for students, teachers and practitioners interested in Internet law and practice as well as technologists and social scientists.

'The book is easy to read, and...has been well edited...and flows smoothly through the various topics. ...the book provides a worthwhile overview of this developing area of law throughout the world.'
Peter Walsh, International Trade Law Annual

'a thorough and stimulating survey. ...a good introduction for lawyers and students approaching Internet and e-commerce law for the first time, and a useful course text.'
Brian Hutchinson, The Irish Jurist

Table Of Contents

Introduction - Governance
IP and IT governance and recurrent themes - Antony Taubman
1. E-Contracts - formalities and encryption and substantive law - Christine Riefa
2. Content liability and on-line intermediaries - Lilian Edwards
3. E-Payments - Andre Guadamuz
4. E-jurisdiction - Julia Hornle
Privacy and data protection
5. Data Protection basics - Lilian Edwards and Rowena Rodrigues
6. Data Protection - Cross border aspects - Andrew Charlesworth
7. Data Protection, e-commerce and consumers - Lilian Edwards
8. Privacy and Surveillance - RIPA, data retention - Judith Rauhofer
Cyber-crime and Internet Security
9. A criminological introduction? - Richard Jones
10. Pornography and the Internet - Lilian Edwards
11. Cyber-crime and security - Lilian Edwards
12. Cyber-crime and forensic evidence - Burkhard Shaffer
IP and the Internet
13. Copyright and the Net - Hector MacQueen
14. Trademarks and Domain Names - C Wilson
15. Protection of computer software - Arne Kolb
16. IP Issues for Search Engines - Charlotte Waelde
17. Open Source/FLOSS - Andre Guadamuz
18. Digital Open Access Issues - Charlotte Waelde
19. Competition, IP and the Internet - Abbe Brown
21. Media Convergence - Elizabeth Newman


“Written by an impressive list of expert contributors, this will be a very valuable resource for practitioners working in the field as well as teachers and students.” –  Michael Benge, IPIT & Communications, PLC magazine, Volume XX Number 11

“...this third edition is a welcome update to a dynamic and complex area of law...After a preface, the book is divided into 4 parts: Governance, Electronic Commerce, Intellectual Property and Privacy, Data Protection and Cybercrime. The beauty of this structure is that it is very easy for readers to zoom in on the area they are interested in, as readers are presented with a choice of essays within each part. One of the features that this writer found particularly helpful was the very comprehensive index...It would make a worthy course text and would also be useful reading for anyone interested in internet law, including lawyers, technologists and social scientists.” –  Sneha Balakrishnan, Copyright Reporter, Volume 27 No 4

“Law and the Internet is the Las Vegas five-star buffet of internet law. The dishes are fresh ... well-prepared and of high quality ... all hungry readers will find that ... they will come away with a personal selection which will satisfy them well.” –  Andrew Katz, International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, Volume 1. Issue 2

“There should be something here to please every aspiring aficionado of Internet law... the exposés are consistent in approach, and reader-friendly and controversial in tone. The discussion does not feel rushed which should make it pleasant reading for everyone” –  Uta Kohl, International Journal of Law and Information Technology, Volume 18, Number 2

“This new edition of Law and the Internet, a favourite of mine as a student, is ... warmly welcomed.
Those investing time into the text will ... find their efforts hugely rewarded: the sheer quality of the articles, and the substantial footnotes, make it essential reading for any self-respecting internet lawyer.
Lawyers interested or practising in this area of the law will find Law and the Internet an invaluable collection of articles on the latest hot topics. will continue to be a favourite of students and practitioners for years to come.

” –  Student Law Journal

“There are thought-provoking essays within the chapters that repay careful study.
Altogether this is a very useful book.
” –  Susan Singleton, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, Issue 7

“The editors have succeeded in again crafting connections between individual contributions... the reader will dip in and out of this book using it as a specialist reference tool where necessary.
Essential further reading to develop a greater insight into the subjects covered.
” –  Andrew Murray, Edinburgh Law Review, Volume 14

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