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Law in Northern Ireland

By: Brice Dickson
Media of Law in Northern Ireland
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Published: 28-06-2018
Format: Paperback
Edition: 3rd
Extent: 528
ISBN: 9781509919260
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £39.99
Online price : £35.99
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About Law in Northern Ireland

Law in Northern Ireland is the essential textbook for all students of Northern Ireland's legal system. Changes to this new edition – some of them substantial – have been made to every section, taking full account of five years of developments. The book explores the evolution of law-making in Northern Ireland before going on to explain the relevant constitutional arrangements, how to identify and interpret applicable sources of law, and what are the fundamental rules and principles of public law, criminal law and private law, highlighting where appropriate what may be unusual about them. It contextualises the myriad of legal institutions operating in the jurisdiction, sets out how criminal and civil proceedings work in practice and provides useful information on how people become lawyers, what lawyers actually do once they become qualified and how the legal system is funded. The appendices set out some sample sources of law so that readers can familiarise themselves with what is involved in handling legal documents. The language throughout is accessible and there are Tables of Cases and Legislation, as well as a comprehensive index.

Table Of Contents

1. The Evolution of Law-Making in Northern Ireland
3. Legislation in Northern Ireland
4. Courts and Case Law in Northern Ireland
5. International Law in Northern Ireland
6. Public Law in Northern Ireland
7. Criminal Law in Northern Ireland
8. Criminal Proceedings in Northern Ireland
9. Private Law in Northern Ireland
10. Civil Proceedings in Northern Ireland
11. Lawyers in Northern Ireland


“[T]his book remains a vital resource for anyone wanting to know about the legal system of Northern Ireland. It is to be hoped that future editions of the book will build on its strengths and continue to offer generations of students the clear and luminous guidance for which Brice Dickson's scholarship has always been known.” –  Venkat Iyer, Ulster University, Irish Jurist

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