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Legislation in Europe

A Country by Country Guide

Editor(s): Ulrich Karpen, Helen Xanthaki
Media of Legislation in Europe
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Published: 10-12-2020
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 608
ISBN: 9781509924691
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £108.00
Online price : £86.40
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Loren Epson

About Legislation in Europe

Following on from the first volume, this unique book is the only collection of native analyses of the status of legislation in 30 European jurisdictions plus the EU.

Each chapter, written by a national authority in the legislative field, presents and critically assesses:

- the national constitutional environment and its connection with EU law;
- the nature and types of legislation;
- the legislative process;
- the drafting process;
- jurisprudence conventions;
- the training of drafters.

The book opens with a comparative chapter on the these six themes, and concludes with an analysis of trends and best practices in Europe.

Legislation in Europe is a necessary addition to law and policy libraries, law-making institutions and agencies, and an invaluable tool for constitutional and drafting academics and practitioners.

Table Of Contents

1. Legislation in European Countries
Ulrich Karpen, University of Hamburg, Germany and Helen Xanthaki, University College London, UK
2. Legislation in Austria
Karl Irresberger, Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice, Vienna, Austria and Christoph Konrath, Administration of the Austrian Parliament, Austria
3. Legislation in Belgium
Patricia Popelier, University of Antwerp, Belgium
4. Legislation in Bulgaria
Martin Belov, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria
5. Legislation in Croatia
Ivan Kopric, University of Zagreb, Croatia
6. Legislation in Cyprus
Nicoletta Ioannou, European Union Section of the Law Office, Cyprus
7. Legislation in the Czech Republic
Robert Zbiral, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
8. Legislation in Denmark
Helle Krunke, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
9. Legislation in Estonia
Jaan Ginter, University of Tartu, Estonia, Aare Kasemets, Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs and Raul Narits, University of Tartu, Estonia
10. Legislation in Finland
Jyrki Tala, Finnish Council on Legislative Impact Analysis
11. Legislation in France
Karine Gilberg, Head of Office chez Ministere de la Justice Service des Affaires Europeennes et Internationales
12. Legislation in Germany
Ulrich Karpen, University of Hamburg, Germany
13. Legislation in Greece
Maria Mousmouti, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, UK
14. Legislation in Hungary
Timea Drinoczi, University of Pécs, Hungary
15. Legislation in Ireland
Ronan Cormacain, City, University of London, UK
16. Legislation in Italy
Maria de Benedetto, Roma Tre University, Italy
17. Legislation in Latvia
Daiga Rezevska, University of Latvia
18. Legislation in Lithuania
Jurgita Malinauskaite, Brunel University London, UK and Aušrine Pasvenskiene, Vytautas
Magnus University, Lithuania
19. Legislation in Luxembourg
Volker Heydt, formerly, Official of the European Commission, Luxembourg
20. Legislation in Malta
Ivan Sammut, University of Malta
21. Legislation in the Netherlands
Emile Beenakker, Ministry of Finance and Sjoerd E Zijlstra, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
22. Legislation in Norway
Jon Christian Floysvik Nordrum, University of Oslo, Norway
23. Legislation in Poland
Jacek K Sokolowski, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Poland
24. Legislation in Portugal
Joao Tiago da Silveira, Lisbon Law School, Portugal
25. Legislation in Romania
Emod Veress, Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law, Hungary
26. Legislation in Slovakia
Milan Hodas, Comenius University, Slovakia
27. Legislation in Slovenia
Polonca Kovac, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Katerina Fabrizio, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
28. Legislation in Spain
Mario Hernandez Ramos, University of Salamanca, Spain
29. Legislation in Sweden
Johan Danelius, Ministry of Justice, Sweden and Cyril Holm, University Oxford, UK
30. Legislation in Switzerland
Stefan Hofler, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Markus Nussbaumer, Swiss Federal Chancellery, Bern, Switzerland and Felix Uhlmann, University of Zurich, Switzerland
31. Legislation in the UK
Helen Xanthaki, University College London, UK and Constantin Stefanou, Institute of
Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, UK
32. Legislation in the EU
William Robinson, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, UK


“Individual chapters provide a fascinating insight into constitutions and law-making in a range of different countries … It certainly provides a good way to attain a broad overview of how legislation is made across Europe, and an introduction to law-making in a vast array of European countries. It is unique in the wealth of its coverage.” –  Lucy Marsh-Smith, The Loophole

“This book is a masterpiece of brevity and clarity, which will be of inestimable value to anyone who, whether for practical need or simply out of academic interest, wishes to acquire high-level knowledge of the legislative systems in different European countries.” –  Daniel Greenberg, Statute Law Review

“This book is an important supplement for libraries, legislators and public authorities, as well as an invaluable tool for academics and practitioners in constitutional law.” –  Karlis Pigens, Jurista Vards (Bloomsbury translation)

“A valuable update and enrichment of comparative legislation, which clearly presents and deepens the framework conditions and elements of 'good legislation'.” –  Albrecht Weber, Universität Osnabrück, Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt (Bloomsbury translation)

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