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Mason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers

By: Helen Whitwell, Katy Thorne QC, Alexander Kolar, Paul Harvey
Media of Mason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers
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Published: 22-10-2015
Format: Paperback
Edition: 6th
Extent: 464
ISBN: 9781780434766
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 248 x 156 mm
RRP: £110.00
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About Mason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers

The essential and accessible introductory guide to forensic medicine for legal practitioners, particularly those in criminal law.

Designed also to guide medical experts through the various UK legal and court systems, it deals with definitions of offences, the investigation of sudden deaths and the key duties of the expert who gives evidence in court.

This sixth edition covers:
-An introduction to relevant clinical terms, the systems of the body and autopsy procedure
-Chapters on the main areas of forensic medicine including injuries from assaults, firearms, asphyxia, water and fire
-Specialist chapters on non-accidental injury to children, sexual offences, odontology, toxicology and the care of detainees
-All the relevant statutory and common law offences
-The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 in conjunction with the relevant Rules and Guidance The Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules and relevant case law on the role and duties of expertsPrimary and secondary legislation relating to care of detainees and investigation of deaths in custody (e.g. Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984)

Completely revised, this new edition is written from the viewpoint of the legal practitioner and medical expert witness. To this end it provides practical guidance, including diagrams on new developments and problem areas in forensic medicine. It also offers suggestions for further reading which will enable the practitioner to understand expert reports as well as identify potential areas where further expertise is necessary.

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction to human anatomy and physiology
2 An introduction to clinical medicine and clinical investigation
3 The autopsy procedure
4 Medical aspects of death
5 Coroners' courts and fatal accident inquiries
6 Sudden natural death
7 Wounding: injuries and their interpretation
8 Ballistics: injury and death due to firearms
9 Head injury and other brain pathology
10 Major blunt impact trauma: road traffic collisions and falls
11 Asphyxia, pressure to the neck and similar entities
12 Drowning and hypothermia
13 Heat, fire and electricity
14 Child injuries and deaths
15 Sexual assaults
16 Forensic odontology
17 Forensic toxicology
18 Care of detainees
19 Deaths in state settings
20 Criminal justice in the United Kingdom
21 Role and duties of the expert


Mason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers remains a most valuable addition to the practitioner's law library, whether for a criminal trial; or for a civil personal injury claim...” –  Sally Ramage, The Criminal Lawyer

“...a welcome, and welcoming, guide to medicine and medical issues presented by the interaction between law and what is a daunting and complex topic...The book navigates practitioners through complex issues with reference to clearly drawn diagrams and simple explanations, seemingly neither patronising nor inappropriately assuming knowledge...packs a lot in for a relatively modest price. It is a useful addition to every chambers or firm.” –  Dan Bunting, UK Criminal Law Blog

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