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Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age

Editor(s): Doreen Weisenhaus, Simon N M Young
Media of Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age
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Published: 23-02-2017
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 280
ISBN: 9781782257394
Imprint: Hart Publishing
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Loren Epson

About Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age

The Internet brings opportunity and peril for media freedom and freedom of expression. It enables new forms of publication and extends the reach of traditional publishers, but its power increases the potential damage of harmful speech and invites state regulation and censorship as well as manipulation by private and commercial interests.

In jurisdictions around the world, courts, lawmakers and regulators grapple with these contradictions and challenges in different ways with different goals in mind. The media law reforms they are adopting or considering contain crucial lessons for those forming their own responses or who seek to understand how technology is driving such rapid change in how information and opinion are distributed or restricted.

In this book, many of the world's leading authorities examine the emerging landscape of reform in nations with variable political and legal contexts. They analyse developments particularly through the prisms of defamation and media regulation, but also explore the impact of technology on privacy law and national security.

Whether as jurists, lawmakers, legal practitioners or scholars, they are at the front lines of a story of epic change in how and why the Internet is changing the nature and raising the stakes of 21st century communication and expression.

Table Of Contents

Doreen Weisenhaus and Simon NM Young
Part A: Conceptual Perspectives of Media Law and Policy
1. Defending Media Freedom in the Internet Age
Peter Noorlander
2. Advances in Open Justice in England and Wales
Lord Dyson MR
3. Free Speech, Reputation and Media Intrusion: Law Reform Now
Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC
4. Independence of the Press as a Constitutional Necessity
Gillian Phillips

Part B: Media Law Reform and Defamation
5. Rethinking Reynolds: Defending Public Interest Speech
Andrew T Kenyon
6. Defamation Law in Canada and England: Emerging Differences
Paul Schabas and Adam Lazier
7. The Internet and Politics in the Development of Hong Kong Defamation Law
Rick Glofcheski
8. China's Defamation Law: The Contest Between Criminal and Civil Defamation Law
Xu Xun
9. The Philippine Supreme Court on Cyber Libel: Lost in Overbreadth
H Harry L Roque, Jr
10. Confidentiality of Journalists' Sources in Singapore: Silence is Not Golden
George Hwang

Part C: Legal Regulation of the Media and Internet
11. Challenges for Communications in a Changing Legal Landscape
Rolf H Weber
12. Self-regulation of the Press in the United Kingdom
Lord Hunt of Wirral
13. Regulatory Responses from a Southern Archipelago
Ursula Cheer
14. Privacy Down Under
Peter Bartlett
15. Two Faces of Freedom of the Press in Indonesia's Reformation Era
T Mulya Lubis


“Overall, this is a highly impressive book... The book would appeal not just to those focusing on UK common law, but also laws from numerous other jurisdictions, especially Asia... In summary, a clear 10/10 - and essential (absolutely essential!) reading for anyone interested in Asian defamation laws.” –  James Griffin, University of Exeter, European Journal of Law and Technology

“This book is of great interest to researchers in the field of defamation laws, privacy and online challenges. The comparative elements in the text are particularly captivating.” –  Ursula Smartt, Entertainment Law Review

“The internet has given the world the means to more fully realize the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas regardless of frontiers. But this giant step for freedom of information has come with equally giant challenges, including that of adapting laws and national jurisdiction to this borderless medium. Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age could not have come at a more pressing time. It provides a crucial and comparative insight into the defining issue of the decade. A must-read for anyone seeking to better comprehend the depth and breadth of the impact of the internet on our legal concepts, systems and reasoning.” –  Dr Agnes Callamard, Director, Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, Columbia University,

“It has never been easier to communicate information; the internet and social media enable anyone to be a publisher or netizen. Laws to restrict communication adapt to this new context, creating fresh battlegrounds in the continuing fight to protect freedom of expression. This book shines a bright light on the issues at stake, with insights from the front lines by individuals dedicated to media law reforms. How the law affects free speech matters to us all.” –  Heather Rogers, QC, One Brick Court, London, and co-author Duncan and Neill on Defamation (4th edn) (2015),

Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age represents a significant addition to the still limited literature on how we should approach media freedom globally. It coherently examines various internet-driven challenges and opportunities for media law reforms. This informatively edited volume provides an in-depth and wide-ranging insight into defamation, privacy, “open justice,” the journalist's privilege, and more. The book should be essential reading for anyone interested in the international, foreign, and comparative framework for analyzing the internet's impact on media freedom and practice.” –  Kyu Ho Youm, Professor and Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair, University of Oregon,

“The legal environment underlying serious journalism rarely gets enough attention, yet it is crucial to what we journalists do. The shifting laws that impact our reporting have grown markedly more complex in the digital age. Fortunately, we have a groundbreaking new resource in the field. In Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age, Doreen Weisenhaus, Simon Young and their colleagues chart the global trends affecting media freedom, libel law, and online expression. For those who care about the future of free expression, this is an invaluable addition.” –  David E Kaplan, Executive Director, Global Investigative Journalism Network,

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