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Medical Ethics and Medical Law

A Symbiotic Relationship

By: José Miola
Media of Medical Ethics and Medical Law
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Published: 12-07-2007
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 240
ISBN: 9781841135083
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Medical Ethics and Medical Law

Medical law and ethics are frequently referred to in conjunction, and appear together in many textbooks. But do they combine to form a cohesive unit, and do they benefit each other? It may be argued that they do not, but rather suffer a symbiotic relationship, clashing rather than cooperating. This book examines this relationship, and how the law sees medical ethics. It then considers whether medical ethics functions in the way that the law thinks that it does. After providing a historical perspective that identifies medical ethics discourse as disjointed and fragmented, the book continues by examining key medico-legal case law and reports that have an inherent ethical content for clues as to how they define medical ethics and its role. It also considers how medical ethics sees the law, concluding that a misapprehension by each party as to what the other does creates a mutually harmful relationship between them.

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Historical Perspectives of Medical Ethics
3 The Medical Ethics Renaissance: A Brief Assessment]
4 Risk Disclosure/'Informed Consent'
5 Consent, Control and Minors – Gillick and Beyond
6 Sterilisation/Best Interests – Legislation Intervenes
7 The End of Life – Total Abrogation
8 Medical Ethics in Government-Commissioned Reports
9 Conclusion


“...a provocative and consistently interesting study of the relationship within the United Kingdom between medical law and medical ethics….the book deserves to be read as an important diagnosis of what has gone wrong with the regulation of medicine in the United Kingdom.” –  David Archard, Medical Law Review

“...a very interesting and readable book, on a topic which is, in my view, underrepresented in the literature...combines good analysis with factual information about challenging and important cases.” –  Professor Sheila A.M. McLean, Medical Law International, Vol 8, No.4

“...a useful survey of current thinking in the field of law and medical ethics in the UK...Read this book as a useful contemporary guide to thinking in English medical law and ethics.” –  Robert Dingwall, Law and Politics Book Review, Vol. 18 No.2

“...this is a brilliant piece of work and does answer the several questions raised in the introductory chapter. It touches on some important areas in medical ethics and is certainly a highly recommended read.” –  Usman I. Lula, The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

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